Choosing Thanksgiving


If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Feel free to leave comments. Your participation enriches the site!Thanksgiving. A national holiday. A mindset. A lean of the spirit into the eternal. I love this Thursday stillness. Coffee. Macy’s Parade on the TV. A house full of family. …

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A personal retreat


I had never heard of the concept of a personal retreat until 1996. I had served as a campus minister in Arkansas for about a year when my boss encouraged me to take one. When I asked what he meant, he described it as simply a few days to be quiet, to rest, to pray, read and enjoy my relationship with God. I remember distinctly his encouragement to not get frustrated if I fell asleep on the first day and felt like I’d “wasted” a day. He said that sleep may be the most spiritual thing I do initially on a retreat.

Honoring God-fearers


Last year, I wrote a post about those who “fear the Lord” from Psalm 15:4. I came across the post in my TimeHop feed today, and strangely enough, I’d read Psalm 15 this morning. I thought it appropriate to revisit the post and mention some of the people who have inspired me this past year.

Nuff Said: Tech companies trumping Trump, Helping authors, Pastors who ignore phone calls, ways for busy moms to be in the Bible, Frankfurter Sandwiches and more

Via the Washington Post

In this “Nuff said” entry, learn about how tech companies may be trying to stop Donald Trump, how Barnabas Piper (John’s son) recommends that you help authors, why pastors may ignore your phone call, and a few ways for busy moms to be in the Bible. Oh, and you’ll get a great song for those of you who like hot dogs.

Obeying authority: on cops, violence and race


In days of violence against police officers and racial tension, we need to be reminded from the New Testament that authority is from God and that without love a nation will fall.

In response to a writing prompt


I was recently given a writing prompt challenge. I had to “Write a script to give telemarketers to sell plastic pooper-scoopers.” It’s rare that I get an excuse to write about poop, so I took up the challenge.

Nuff said: A tribute to millennials as college starts again


As colleges start in Blacksburg and around the country, I thought a “Nuff Said” post with a collection of entries from around the inter webs about millennials would be a nice tribute.

Lunch convos, Part 3


It was just a brief, hour-long lunch at a local Mexican restaurant, but the inane topics it spawned has led to a half-dozen blog posts. In this post, the Magic Eight-Ball is compared to Siri.

Lunch convos, Part 2


Ever wondered about the buttons in your car that you never push? In this random lunch conversation, a friend’s comment leads to VBU (vehicular button uncertainty).

Lunch convos, Part 1


There’s such junk on TV today. Surely there’s room for more. I’m convinced that if someone were to follow me around with a video camera, they’d have enough material by the end of every day to create a 30 minute sitcom.