1000 Hits! Ooooo… Aaaahhh…

OK, so. Today, my little blog has had 1000 hits! (Of course, 500 of those are probably me editing and checking things, but hey, I think that’s kind of cool.

Thanks friends, and folks, for stopping by to check things out.

You also need to check out this pic. It’s hysterical!! Long live Detention Fighters! Thanks to Justin for calling my attention to it!

? And last but not least…
Is Your Printer Spying on You?
Uh, if this isn’t kinda cool/weird/scary… I don’t know what is.

On this day...

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  1. Karl says:
    Saw something similar to this on CSI:. Tracked down somebody by using their printer against them! Hate it when that happens.

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