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Krakow Day 6

I had fun today, but it’s late, and I’m pooped. A quick summary: A Coffee Heaven run in the early a.m. Team Krakow meeting all morning Pizza (again) for lunch – because the place Joe and Becca wanted to take… Continue Reading →

Krakow Day 5 – Free time

Wednesday in Krakow was a misty morning. Workers from the Czech Republic, Krakow, and Hungary all converged on the hostel at 10 a.m. to make some more informational and vision videos for help in connecting churches with the great need… Continue Reading →

St. Mary’s Basilica

It’s not often that I’m really proud of a shot, but this one was stunning. I got lucky, pure and simple. I had my Sony Cybershot on night mode, and propped it against a stone pillar to capture this image… Continue Reading →

Interview with Mark

I love Mark’s name. Especially when Ed Stetzer is interviewing him. He is truly “Ed”-worthy. Mark is the interim Regional Leader for Central and East Asia, and he is one of our hosts this week. Mark and Ed sat down… Continue Reading →

Interview with Rick White

Ed Stetzer interviewed Rick White yesterday about how churches can engage in ministry in Poland. Part of our mission on this discovery trip is to seek to connect new churches with international mission opportunities.

Krakow-Day 4, the meeting, Czech Republic

Steve Brown stepped up to the plate (or leaned forward on the couch) and shared his heart and vision. He and his family have been living in the Czech Republic for the past four years. As he shared, he commented… Continue Reading →

Krakow – Day 4, the meeting, Hungary part 2

Ron Brown and his family have lived in Hungary for 14 years. He studied and learned Hungarian history and culture during the first five years. He initially began doing student work but discovered that Campus Crusade was already doing great… Continue Reading →

Krakow Day 4 – the meeting, Hungary vision

It’s 9:00 a.m., and we’re off and running – or up and sitting. Packed into a 3-room hostel are six different strategy and mission leaders for Eastern Europe. They’ve converged him this morning from the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland… Continue Reading →

Krakow Day 3

It’s a visual paradox to step off an electric tram onto a cobblestone street in the shadow of a 1000 year-old castle. It’s even a great historic transport to speak with college students in one of the oldest universities in… Continue Reading →

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