24 Season 5

Does anyone have 24, Season 5 on tape or DVD?

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  1. angela says:
    Put in on your Netflix cue, as a save! When you do that, then when it comes out you can start on devouring the DVD’s in a matter of days. It should be releasing soon. BTW, do you still have your van for sale? We might be too late…but are interested!
  2. Jeff Noble says:
    I had actually stopped my Netflix account at the beginning of September since I’d caught up on the movies I wanted to see.

    However, it’s cheaper to do Netflix with 24 than to pay iTunes $1.99 per episode.

  3. Diana Harton says:
    No we don’t have it on tape or dvd….we have it burned in our memories….man that is one good show. We are huge fans!

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