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OK… this will be an under-handed, sneaky post. I’m sure to get in trouble for it at home. But here’s the deal. Carolyn – my wonderful, beloved and beautiful wife – (a necessary insert for the wrath this post may cause) has ceased blogging. However, she is an amazing writer, thinker, and has so much to offer in the way of a unique approach to blogging. For all my encouragement, I can’t get her to blog.

So here’s the deal. I want to marshal the forces of the blogosphere. Please visit her blog and post a comment there on her last entry – actually I did that one for her. It’s a YouTube video of the History of Dance. Pretty funny. Anyway, just post a quick, simple comment there for her that says, in essence, “please blog.” You might also mention how wonderful her husband is and how undeserving of her ire I am.

I’m gonna leave this post up until she blogs again. It’s the modern day blog-saga of Oral Roberts’ climbing into a tower until he gets $8 million…. In other words, Notes is stalled until Proof Positive begins to post again. We’ll see who cracks first. (However, if you’d like to send $8 mil, I’ll happily blog again and even name my blog after you. I might even send you a dish towel I’ve prayed over or something…)

On this day...


  1. Marylee Noble says:
    Caro, I miss your blog.


  2. Jeff says:
    Suz, I think you actually posted that comment over at Caro’s blog.
  3. suzanne says:
    hey- what happened to my first comment, man? i think either it disappeared or i’m going crazy. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. Jeff says:
    Ah, Carol! I had guessed that you were my Lubbockian (?) that kept showing up on Sitemeter, but to finally warrant a comment from you is an honor!

    I’m not quite ready to give up on Caro. If she has time to rearrange our house 3.5 times a month (as well as help do so to others’ houses when their unsuspecting husbands are at work), she could certainly find time to blog once a week or so, right?

  5. Carol says:
    Okay……this one is enough to finally get me to stop “lurking” and comment…and all I have to say is GOOD LUCK and bid a fond farewell to Notes…sigh…..now what am I going to read when I get to work in the morning?!?! Word on the street is that this post is not going to be enough to get your sweet wife to enter a new post – and I would almost guess that it might make her not post just to see if she could outlast ya! (Which I’m guessing she will – no way you’ll be able to NOT blog.) ha!:) Plus, it would be sad if NO ONE in the Noble house was blogging! In your defense – I will say that I do miss Carolyn’s weekly blog. She is a GREAT writer and is always inspirational!Now you know why I don’t post – I’m longwinded…. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll post shorter comments in the future! Is there a rule against comments that are too long? I don’t know blog etiquette…..

    Carol R. in Lubbock, TX (Carolyn’s friend from Hobbs!)

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