A Mormon married to a Christian… the story

Sherri Day has published a story over at tampabay.com about a Kentucky Southern Baptist who has been married to a devout Mormon for 25 years. It is interesting story of commitment, faith, and truth. Throw in the wrinkle that the husband also runs Christian Research & Counsel, a ministry designed to confornt “counterfeit Christianities,” and you get a great family reality show in the making, maybe better than The Osbournes. Some who read this will wonder, “But I thought Mormons were Christians?” Perhaps you should read this story to help you understand that there are significant theological discrepancies between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.

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  1. Marylee Noble says:
    I can’t imagine a more miserable life than being married to someone who does not share one’s beliefs and faith. It’s like being able to share only on a superficial level.

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