A tribute to ghost stories…

It’s scary movie month on TV. Halloween is around the corner. Stumbled across this website that you might enjoy: Top 10 Best Ghost Photos of all time.

Now, Carolyn has taken thousands of pictures, and the scariest thing that’s ever come out in one of her pictures is just me. Go figure.

On this day...


  1. Mark W. says:
    As a ghost enthusiast, I’ve seen all of these pics before (some of them as early as 8 years old, when I became fascinated in the supernatural) – they are way creepy! A couple of months ago, when I did my own ghost photo hoax, it was based on #8 The Newby Church Monk. No expert has yet been able to find anything that would explain why there is a ghostly figure standing there. In my opinion, the Newby Church picture is the creepiest ghost photo – it should be #1.
  2. Jim says:
    Way to go Carolyn!!

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