Add this to my list…

I have a running list of things I will humbly and helpfully suggest to God one day for the betterment of humanity who remain on earth after I make the homeward journey. My latest is this:
Why poison ivy?

This is especially relevant to me since after helping clean the fence rows this past Saturday at the Arkansas Baptist Children’s Home, I seem to be the only one who participated from Journey who has reacted to it. Well, gotta go apply more cream.

On this day...


  1. Jeff says:
    Thom, howdy! Been enjoying your blog too.
    And the Mac thing… you know it’s because believers have seen the light. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. dropped by to say hi… your blog is in my rss feed : like what i see so far, bro… keep it up.

    btw :: what is it with christians and macs?

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