Amazing Sidewalk Art…

My mom sent me these same pics in an email today. I was pretty surprised to discover the Greenhead Blog had a whole post dedicated to the artist, Julian Beever. They’re amazing. I found the Greenhead Blog by going to BlogHop and checking my blog’s poor ratings and then clicking on “highly rated” blogs… (vote for me, will ya?! The link to do so is in the left column under “BLOG BITS”)

On this day...


  1. Jeff Noble says:

    It’s all uphill, but that means it’s great for getting in shape! (Not that I’m doing any of it…)

  2. DB says:
    Bah ha ha. I’ve seen this guy’s stuff before; pretty cool.

    Thanks for the encouragement. Kat is a saint. Either that, or has really bad taste in men. Either way, works in my favor.

    How’s the running in Arkansas?

  3. Jeff Noble says:
    Not right now. Where do you get it? I don’t think the Supercenter has any in stock. I ran out long ago.
  4. suzanne says:
    have you any shame?

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