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Jeff Noble

A discouraged pastor

When pastors are discouraged, they can be discouraging. And that’s not good for anyone. The nature of their vocation places demands for them to be “up” which may foster a false impression that they have it all together.

Slanket Sermon 2018

A snow day on Sunday means canceled church services, but it also has come to mean a Slanket Sermon.

Sick for a week?!

Many, many moons ago – in fact, back when I was in high school – I had chicken pox. I didn’t know what being “sick” really meant until I battled those bumps. I wrote an essay then titled Journal of… Continue Reading →

Tomorrow makes a crummy god

Tomorrow makes a crummy god.. how do you spend/waste/manage/invest “time?” It’s not a commodity. It’s a powerful deity for the arrogant.

Nuff said: Reaching milennials; Beat the idea, not the person; America runs on clicks; Email in real life

Nuff Said is a collection of posts/articles from around the web that has drawn my attention in the following ways:

Made me think
Made me wonder
Made me emote (happy/sad/mad)

This edition of “nuff said” focuses on communication and is so… 2014. Read on..

Goal Accomplished! Storybook Bible

In November, I promoted a Bible translation project on #GivingTuesday. It’s exciting to see that the goal has been reached! Thank you for your generosity. Make giving a consistent part of your life.

Go see it: The Greatest Showman

This movie is BIG. Soaring themes, immediately addictive music and excellent acting. I was surprised I liked it. My tastes trend more toward aliens and explosions. Here’s why you should go see “The Greatest Showman.”

Time Marking: From Istanbul to the Super Bowl

Our year-keeping is artificial. These 365 days are merely constructs. It’s important for us to label things so that we can grasp them. Yet, year-keeping is important for us. It teaches us to “number our days” well. One thing we learn by marking our days is that a small investment, made regularly, adds up.

Top Books I Read in 2017

Here’s the list of my favorite books I read in 2017. You just may find your “next” book on the list.

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