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Heard today that the Pyromaniac blog has closed down. Read the last post here! Phillip Johnson has decided instead to pursue a “group blog” (nevermind how that sounds) of the same nature as Pyro, but one that will take less stress and pressure off himself. It’s here.

It’s interesting to me to consider that the popularity of your blog might actually force you to consider not doing one…

There’s no money in the small fries, that’s for sure. I’ve NEVER gotten a tip in the “Tip Trough” from anyone, so I’m certainly doing this from a labor of love and self-discipline.

However, some of Phillip’s thoughts in his last blog entry cause me to ponder. Do I have an “exit strategy?” Should I? What would I do if my blog was receiving the amount of traffic (18,000 hits per day) that his was? How would that affect my writing and posting?

When I began last September, my blog was receiving about 20 hits a day. Six months later, it receives more than 80 a day. Ooooooo. I’ve never considered projecting how many readers I would have in a year’s time. I just started blogging.

I unashamedly will confess that I DO want more influence. I want more readers. I don’t think I’m wonderful (well, semi-wonderful), and I’m under no illusions of grandeur, but I confess that I want a LOT of people to be influenced positively by my thoughts, my joy for life, my hope, and my heart. I say that because in all earnestness I try to pin my very being upon the reality of Jesus Christ and his amazing love. More blog readers for me will hopefully and humbly translate into more praise for Him. And He alone deserves it!

When I was serving as the Director of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at UAM, we created a mission statement for our campus ministry that I so deeply internalized, that it became my own:
To glorify God as life’s ultimate joy.”

With every fiber of my being and fabric of my soul, I am totally committed to the joy and hope found in a love relationship with Jesus Christ. I’m not talking about empty, frustratingly-routine, Bible-belt religion or church attendance. I’m talking about full-throttled, kingdom-building, sacrifice-enabling, soul-enriching, trial-bearing, people-serving, and Christ-besotted love of God. Reckless endangerment of one’s self to truly become all you were created to be by an intentional, passionate Creator.

I have been forever and finally transformed by His grace. Blogging is one way that I can influence others to investigate and integrate the teachings of Christ with their own lives.

So… for you 80 out there… this blog is open for business! (and if you’re from England or out of the states and arebeing a lurker, I’d love to hear how you found this blog and what you think!)

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  1. so here’s me checking out “that other blog…” haha which one do you check more? and don’t you have to pay for this one?
  2. Jeff Noble says:
    Aaawwww… shucks..

    Thanks, Mandy! But I have to confess, the opportunity to change the flat tire for the wife of an Arkansas State Trooper is a great motivator for altruism… πŸ˜‰

  3. Mandy says:
    So do I make 81 hits a day? I finally stopped by to check out your site and I’m loving it! It is EXACTLY what I need in my life right now. The fact that you drove out to help me with my flat tire that day is a ministry in itself! A lot of people would not have done that, even my own husband said “Just call a wrecker next time!” (umm.. no!) Even if you did do it just to get in good with the police, it was still a very nice and appreciated geasture. πŸ™‚ And, so you know, I have several times told people that I’ve never in my life met people so spirit filled as the people at Journey Church. YOU have so much to do with that, don’t sell yourself short!
  4. Jeff Noble says:
    Wow. Wow. Wow. Thank you so much for your encouragement. Caro and I value yours and Mike’s friendship so much!

    Thanks! I knew you were a lurker! πŸ˜‰


  5. Marylee Noble says:
    I like the looks of you blog.


  6. kristy says:
    no influence. who are you kidding? check out your scouts and your hitchhikers! is this just not enough for you? πŸ™‚

    on a more serious note, you do have influence. you have changed countless lives with your messages and being such a real example of the life a ture believer… you are an incredible teacher and writer! i learned so much and grew so much as a BSUer under your care & now I get your influence as pastor…keep up the great work wherever the Lord leads!!

    by the way, your awesome mission statement is evident in your’s and Carolyn’s lives. thanks!

    now that you’re saying, “go write a long, wordy novel on your own blog!” I will stop!

  7. Jeff Noble says:
    Thanks for your comments! I laughed my head off reading your blog the other day about the Christmas parade! Don’t sell yourself short! You have a marvelous way of communication!!!!
  8. Dawn says:
    I do get inspired when I read your writings. Some people wish for a way with words…I wish for a way with thoughts, know what I mean? You have a way with thoughts and words and I am thankful, not envious, of that (ok, maybe a little jealous). I realize that we are all a part of the body. It’s just that sometimes I wish that I was a kidney or liver or something like that and not like a toenail! Keep up the good work. You have me hooked now…except my page looks so boring and you have all these cool icons….where in the world to you get that stuff???

    Keep it real,

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