Blog explosion among friends…

While I slept, four folks who I like a lot began blogging. Actually, some of them began several days ago, and I’m just now waking up to the realilty. I’ve spent the last 45 minutes reviewing the following new blogs, and I encourage you swing by and check them out:

Fellow Monticellonians:

Former Monticellonians/Current Camdenites (AL):

Stop by and check them out. Tell them I sent ya.

Oh, and for all you “mommy bloggers” out there, stop by Terry Heaton’s Pomo Blog and read his entry about you.

On this day...


  1. Jeff says:
    AJ, whoopsy. Sorry ’bout that! I thought I had linked you when I got your last email but see that I hadn’t. Done now! Welcome to the Monticellonian blog world!
  2. A.J. Huffman says:
    What about my blog? I didn’t see you mention my blog anywhere? And I thought we were closer than that Jeff.
  3. Jeff says:
    Diana, uncanny!

    Suzanne, did you ever check out

  4. Diana Harton says:
    I read your blog tonight after I had posted on mine and we said almost the same thing….blog explosion.
  5. suzanne says:
    amen, to the mommybloggers article. amen, i say.
    i knew i wasn’t just writing to entertain myself!
  6. Pressions says:
    Excellent web pages Successes and prosperity to you!

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