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Shandra over at her blog (which I found through Jill’s blog) had a funny self-confession of being a blog “lurker.” She says this…

I totally admit that I am a blog lurker/stalker…whatever you want to call it. I can’t believe how many old Tech people have blogs! I would comment on some of them, but don’t want to make a fool out of myself when they don’t remember me. πŸ™‚ It’s really neat to see everyone and hear what’s been going on in their lives tho!! So, come on, admit it….are you a lurker too???

I think there are a TON of blog lurkers oout there! I’m seeing my blog stats rise every day, but have very few comments! So here’s the deal… if you’re lurking, just post a quick self-confession on the comments here!Lurking

I think there are a lot of blog readers who don’t realize that blogs are made more fun when they comment on the entries they like/hate. The ongoing dialogue is fun and actually helps a blog be more visited, as well as gives the blog author some feedback…

So if you haven’t been in the habit of commenting on blog entries… get there. You lurker, you!

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  1. DB says:
    Wow! Flushing them out was easier than I thought it would be. Maybe I should try this.
  2. Abi says:
    Ya, you’re right. I lurk too. You found our blog through DB’s and commented and I never got back to you. I check your blog regularly but never comment… until now!
  3. Jennifer Carter says:
    Hey Jeff. After reading over this, and I guess what you all call ‘lurking’ a little, I realized who you are. I found your blog on Jill’s blog and thought some things sounded familiar. It’s been 8 or 9 years now since I last saw you and your family. I played the piano some for praise and worship at the BSU around 96, 97. Jill and I were friends and roommates. Have any ideas yet? If not, I’ll get back to ya. So glad I found this!!!!
  4. Kristy Hales says:
    Okay, Jeff, you caught me! I do read your blog, just not consistently. When I do it is usually either thought provoking, corny, or over my head with the technical Mac info.

    Who knows, you may have inspired me to start my own blog…we’ll see!

  5. Jeff Noble says:
    Thanks for the comment on the blog! Yea, I’m a lurker too and died laughing when I read your blog entry. I’d never heard it put that way. You pegged me.

    One thing cool… I have found that when you do post comments on people’s blogs, they will often come to yours to find out who you are and all. I get more “referrals” that way. And I’ve met some pretty cool bloggers too.

    Thanks again for the Lurker Description!!!!

  6. shandra says:
    jeff…glad to see you lurked on to my blog! πŸ™‚ jill told me to come read your blog today and i about fell over when i saw my name on it. too funny! don’t worry…i have totally lurked on your site before!!
  7. jill says:
    you know i’m one. although i put this on my blog, and no one responded. however, there’s people from all over that read it!
  8. suzanne says:
    you got me. i’m one.
  9. Jeff says:
    Any blog lurkers this year?
  10. Joy says:
    Lurker surfed in…actually addressing this topic on my own blog. Oddly enough…. πŸ˜€
    .-= Joy ´s last blog ..Song of a Year…. =-.

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