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Campfire Talk

Sick for a week?!

Many, many moons ago – in fact, back when I was in high school – I had chicken pox. I didn’t know what being “sick” really meant until I battled those bumps. I wrote an essay then titled Journal of… Continue Reading →

Time Marking: From Istanbul to the Super Bowl

Our year-keeping is artificial. These 365 days are merely constructs. It’s important for us to label things so that we can grasp them. Yet, year-keeping is important for us. It teaches us to “number our days” well. One thing we learn by marking our days is that a small investment, made regularly, adds up.

Top Books I Read in 2017

Here’s the list of my favorite books I read in 2017. You just may find your “next” book on the list.

Top Posts of 2017

Here are the top posts from the blog in 2017. Which were your favs? Did you miss any? Leave your own vote for another post in the comments.

10 Recommended Books (that you may not have heard of) #2

This is the 9th book I’ll recommend you to read that you may have never heard of… “Team of Rivals.” Abraham Lincoln’s leadership style was such that he was unafraid of competition or in-fighting. He selected leaders for his cabinet who had their own followings. He earned their respect, and he led our nation through its most divisive years.

Mowing to country music

The last few times I’ve mowed, I’ve listened to country music. It’s been an amazing combination. Mowing is therapeutic for me. It’s one of the few things that I do in life that I get to see instant results. There’s… Continue Reading →


Some posts are worth re-writing. A gratitude list never gets old, and it reminds you of simple and precious things.

Three attitudes that will change your life: Be gracious

The second post in this series focuses on the choice to “be gracious.” Being gracious is the attitude you adopt when the time has passed for assuming the best. Practicing courtesy when you’re wounded is not a default for the human heart.

So long, 2016

This is my annual “year-in-review” blog post, in bullet-point fashion. From a sermon in a slanket to the Razorbacks winning the first half of the Belk Bowl, it’s been 365 day of unexpected goodness and wonder, even amid grief and longing.

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