Loving stops leaving

Don’t Go to Church; Be the Church. Our church has embraced this slogan with a whole heart in the past year. We were grateful for the graphics at the Faith in Action website and adapted them for our use this past year. But it’s more than a slogan for us; it’s a mission. The church – your …

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How to leave your church

I hope I’ve made a case for asking significant questions and considering eternal issues as you consider “leaving your church.” If you are just stopping in, scroll down to the bottom and read the first entries in this series so you’ll be in the thought-flow for this entry. Simply put, there are times that you …

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A Strategic Look at the Faith of France’s Youth

This is the third part in a continuing series on the Youth of Western Europe, with a focus on France. See below for links to the first two parts of this series. The political animosity of France seems not only to be directed at the U.S., but also at the Christianity it sees portrayed by …

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What’s at stake

In this continuing series, we’ve been looking at the issue of leaving your church. With the advent of the popular, mall-like “megachurch” of the 1980s, the American culture has seen the continuing growth and rise of large, trendy churches seeking after relevance across the country. It’s now somewhat hip to be a church planter, and …

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Leaving your church

Three years ago, I wrote a short entry called When it’s time to leave your church. I’ve been amazed at the amount of traffic that entry continues to receive. Invariably I notice that people find it after searching the web with “how to know when to leave my church” or “how to leave your church.” …

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Baptism & Celebration

Last week was astonishingly full. It culminated in a Baptism and Celebration Service on the football field behind Blacksburg Middle School. It also included a trip to Orlando with some of our church staff and volunteers for the Exponential Conference. Throw in a massive laughfest called our Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Saturday night at NLCF‘s …

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Exponential, Round 2

Members of our staff and leadership team arrived in Orlando late on Monday night after a day of planes and automobiles. It’s been two years since my first Exponential Conference experience, and already, the difference is significant. At my first experience, I was by myself, and I’d come off a particularly trying year as a …

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You’re invited!

We’d love to have you be a part of our worship service at Northstar Church this Sunday if you’re in the area. Here’s a Google map to the Blacksburg Middle School. We have services at 9:00 and 11:00 a.m.

Snowed-in church announcements

Snowed In Announcements Because we cancelled church today due to snow, Cody made this great video to show.

The Eve of Catalyst

The Catalyst Conference is 10 years old this year. I’ve wanted to go each year since it was started, but this will be my first year. I’m grateful to be able to join the Northstar Church staff on this excursion in Atlanta. I asked them both at supper tonight at Romeo’s Pizza what they felt …

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