What’s Your 5%?

Identifying what only YOU can do is an important exercise that will bring freedom to your thought life and focus to your relationships.

Start with why

Simon Sinek says in a TED talk, “People don’t buy what you do but why you do it.” Do you know why you do what you do? Until you identify (and start with that), you won’t have the influence that you may think you do.

Can one be neutral toward Islam?

Is there such a thing as “radical” Islam, or is what we’re seeing “normal” Islam? It’s a matter of interpretation of Islam’s holy writings. In the end, one can’t be faithful to Islam and be neutral toward those who aren’t Muslim. How should we respond in a world of militant new expressions of this religion?

Tozer on the inequality of all people

AW Tozer said, “The idea of equality among all men is totally unrealistic… Equality of opportunity should be granted to all; after that everyone is on his own.” He’s not talking about man’s intrinsic worth but man’s aptitudes.

Nuff said: Trusting scripture, a Gospel without words, a Trader or a Christian?, Does Powerpoint help?, Be a people person, Selfies Anonymous

“Nuff said” is always a collection of articles around the interwebs that has provoked a click from me. In this edition: Why it’s important to trust scripture; can there be a Gospel without words? A Trader vs. a Christian, Does Powerpoint help?, Be a people person

Video: Do you understand the Middle East beef with Israel?

A quick video to help you understand the nature of the Middle Eastern conflict with Israel combined with ineffective (and even hindering) U.S. leadership may spark a conflagration unlike anything the present generation has imagined.

Review: iPhone skin

I fully believe bestskinsever.com makes the best skin for your tech device. Read my review of their products here.

How I got rid of 100s of “friends” on Facebook

One Saturday morning, I clicked over on Facebook and noticed a friend request. I had no idea who the person was, and they weren’t local. In researching who they were, my mouse hovered over the accept button, and I had to admit, it was out of a vague sense of obligation. Then I hit “reject.” …

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Nuff said: 10 commitments, the power of definitions, leaving your church well, ways you’re doing Twitter wrong, NO!, and more

This “Nuff Said” links you to a variety of great entries across the WWW: 10 commitments the church should make in talking about homosexuality, the power of definitions, leaving your church well, ways you’re doing Twitter wrong, NO!, and more..

Cable boxes, tv tuners and pong

Today’s enthusiasm for new technological advances and devices is not greater than yesteryear’s. Consider three devices: the cable device, Pong and TV tuners.