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Picture: Snowpocalypse 2015

It begins.

Nuff Said: Demise of blog commenting, Small Groups make a BIG difference, Questions for sleepy Christians, & 11 books we lie about reading

“Nuff said” is a collection of saved entries from across the interwebs. This selection features: the demise of blog commenting, how Small Groups make a BIG difference, questions for sleepy Christians, & 11 books we lie about reading

Nuff said: Cool air, on the wrong side of history, iPhone history, utilitarianism, Gmail helps, a heavenly visit?

The latest collection of “Nuff said” entries from around the net includes: a scientist from Little Rock on the Jimmy Fallon show demonstrating “Cool air,” the fallacy of the “wrong side of history” argument, a look back at the iPhone’s history, exploring the spiritual dangers of utilitarianism, a few Gmail helps, and debunking a heavenly visit.

2014 Roundup: What was your favorite blog entry this year?

Here are 12 entries, one from each month of 2014, from “Notes from the Trail.” Hop on over and vote for the best blog entry of 2014.

Nuff said: #1 Bible translations, Cause of Divorce, Donald Miller spirituality, coffee mugs, trusted professions

As always, “Nuff said” is a collection of links and items of interest from across the net. They are usually random and include a conglomeration of tech, humor, relational, politics, and spiritual/religious. In this entry, you’ll read about the #1 cause of divorce, Bible translations, Donald Miller spirituality, a great coffee mug, and the latest, most trusted professions. features “I’m a Bielemer” video in SEC Sing-off

The latest updates from the “I’m a Bielemer” song that we rewrote over Thanksgiving and produced with Ben Coulter about the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. It’s now featured on, and Ben got to sing the song on “Good Morning, Arkansas!”

Nuff said: Saving Daylight, the church “stand and greet time,” the iPhone cone, why go to church and more

In this “Nuff said” entry, you’ll learn about the new movie “Saving Daylight,” why people hate the church “stand and greet time,” the iPhone cone, and you’ll hear why you should go to church. Heck, you’ll even get tips on writing. So drop by and read, comment and share.

Nuff said: Fix annoying iOS 8 tidbits, charts!, the world’s largest religion, why working from a coffee shop may not be a good idea

In this collection of tidbits from around the net, learn how to fix annoying iOS 8 tidbits, see some amazing charts, do you know the world’s largest religion?.. and why working from a coffee shop may not be a good idea.

‘Nuff Said: Improving Your “Do,” Things to pray for your kids, 20 things you shouldn’t do if you’re over 20, 30 things you may already be doing that impress others, when a cult repents, too much phone? and Star Trek

This “nuff said” is a random assortment from the web, including: a cult that repents, why you need to quick looking at your phone so much, Star Trek and praying for your kids. Oh, and if you’re over 20, don’t say YOLO. Ever.

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