Notes from the Trail


Vista banned

I love it. I’m sorry to gloat in the failure of another, but this just makes me happy. The head muckity-muck group, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has placed a ban on Windows Vista. Read here to find out why. Another blogger describes Vista as… a bug-ridden product that will steal $300 out…

Leaving schools behind

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel to ease federal restrictions caused by Bush’s No Child Left Behind initiative that has hamstrung states and local school districts, often forcing educators to “teach to the test” rather than promoting a broad-based educational strategy. There’s another interesting article here. Canadians weigh in here.…

Right to sue?

Wade tackles the inconsistency in the Southern Baptist Convention these days over the issue of Christians bringing lawsuits against one another. I think he is overly generous, for he does not begin to mention the vast amounts of lawsuits the Baptist leaders have filed as individuals against other individuals. (And I have no facts here,…

A step in the right direction

Lifeway Christian Resources named Thom Rainer as their new executive director. Read his address here. He has the spirit that the SBC desperately needs in these days of growing isolationism. Let’s hope that Rainer can indeed build bridges and convince his fellow SBC leaders to do the same. For too long, they’ve been bridge burners.


I’m really growing to enjoy Two posts there today made me think. One was about whether the senior pastor model for churches is irrelevant today, and the other is related to the importance of a home church for spiritual accountability. Read ‘em and let me know what you think.