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Cartoon for Mac switchers

Love this cartoon for Mac switchers! Thanks, Jason!

Soda geyser tube

I am such a sucker for stuff like this. I agree with Tim. I just gotta have one of these…

When two become one…

Yes, this picture is real, and the entry about it over at Tim’s blog is not only fascinating but challenging.

Vista banned

I love it. I’m sorry to gloat in the failure of another, but this just makes me happy. The head muckity-muck group, the National Institute of Standards and Technology has placed a ban on Windows Vista. Read here to find out why. Another blogger describes Vista as… a bug-ridden product that will steal $300 out…

Helping high school grads transition to college

The Mayberry Church blog has a great podcast about helping incoming college Christians make a seamless integration of their faith with their new locale. When studies are showing that nearly 80% of churched youth drop out of the church in college, any attempt to address this is worth giving your ear to.

Leaving schools behind

There may be a light at the end of the tunnel to ease federal restrictions caused by Bush’s No Child Left Behind initiative that has hamstrung states and local school districts, often forcing educators to “teach to the test” rather than promoting a broad-based educational strategy. There’s another interesting article here. Canadians weigh in here.…

Expanding your Christian blog reading

Rick Warren wrote an entry a while back where he listed some Christian blogs he was aware of that are worth the reading. You might stop by and see if any of them are worth adding to your regular read list.

Right to sue?

Wade tackles the inconsistency in the Southern Baptist Convention these days over the issue of Christians bringing lawsuits against one another. I think he is overly generous, for he does not begin to mention the vast amounts of lawsuits the Baptist leaders have filed as individuals against other individuals. (And I have no facts here,…

70% have left their church

There are a couple of great posts with some penetrating questions over at the Na blog (New Attitude). I love the site theme, “Humble Orthodoxy.” Here is part 1 and part 2.

The growth of blogdom

In two years… from 2 million to 57 million. That’s how fast blogdom is growing. Stunning. Read about it here.

Arkansas apostrophe

More proof that a wholesale change is needed in state and local politics…


Looking for a safe, easy way to filter your web or your office’s web connections? Try Scrubit. A simple change in your DNS provider will put their servers to work for you and your network.

What a headline…

Sometimes the headline of a post captures you immediately and says all it needs to say. Try this one on for size: “Creating Parents with a Judicial Magic Wand.”

Way to go, Morris!!

Morris Chapman, president of the nation’s largest evangelical denomination, asks a pertinet and piercing question. Read the article here.

The Illusionist (rated 4 stars)

The Illusionist (Widescreen Edition) by Neil Burger A great movie that made my head spin! Reminded me of Sixth Sense, for some reason. See more about The Illusionist (Widescreen Edition)

Christ’s tomb… with bones?

Get ready for a media blitz next Sunday, March 4, on the Discovery Channel as they air a show called The Lost Tomb of Christ. I’m sure skeptics and antagonists of Christianity will come out of the closet drooling in delight again, as they did with the Jesus Seminar, The Da Vinci Code, and the…

A step in the right direction

Lifeway Christian Resources named Thom Rainer as their new executive director. Read his address here. He has the spirit that the SBC desperately needs in these days of growing isolationism. Let’s hope that Rainer can indeed build bridges and convince his fellow SBC leaders to do the same. For too long, they’ve been bridge burners.


I’m really growing to enjoy Two posts there today made me think. One was about whether the senior pastor model for churches is irrelevant today, and the other is related to the importance of a home church for spiritual accountability. Read ’em and let me know what you think.

Complete Nutts

Did anyone else catch this last Friday? Houston Nutt’s been given a raise! By departing AD Frank Broyles. It sure seems like one of those last minute pardons a president or governor gives on the eve of his departure. I’m disgusted.

New people groups site

Go check out the Southern Baptist’s new people groups site for North America. Impressive.

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