Combatting biblical ignorance

I ran across an excellent website on Tuesday that I wanted to promote. Biblical Training has been formed with the express purpose of equipping believers with tools from great Bible teachers to express and communicate their faith in today’s culture. It begins with a basic Who is Jesus? class to more advanced curricula. Even better, it appears to be free!

Some of today’s great Bible teachers are lined up with the site already, including Danny Hayes from OBU and John Piper of Bethlehem Bible Church.

Stop by today and sign up for a class!

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  1. Jeff says:
    Did anyone ever check this out?
  2. K.T. says:
    Jeff,This never popped up on my bloglines-this is the first I have seen of it…hmmmmmmmm
  3. K.T. says:
    Where are the classes at?I cant find anything that says….

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