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This has been a huge undertaking, but it’s almost ready to go! With the help of Mike Graham, I’ve been creating (you can type it in lower case). It’s been a several month project, and it’s still not quite ready, but you can view the rough site here.

However, you can now use the classifieds section fully! From now to October 31, 2006, it will be free to list whatever, however many, that you want. After that, there will be a minimal charge per listing (which will be much cheaper than your local papers!).

I’m excited about BFSit for this region! Please help by spreading the word. The more traffic it gets, the better shopping it will be for everyone! Stop by BFSit – your local and regional online garage sale!

Update: Doh! Link fixed!

BTW, there’s something else coming just around the corner as well! Stay tuned.

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  1. angela says:
    Very interesting concept that I think will work in this region. Mark and I are ready to sell some junk…oops, I mean treasures.
  2. RJ Martino says:
    Broken link… what’s the link?
  3. Jeff says:
    Doh! Thanks, RJ! Thought I had that fixed.
  4. kristy says:
    Very cool. What’s around the corner? When are you telling us? I can’t stand surprises like that….come on, tell us now. Did no one else catch this!
  5. K.T. says:
    I will get the word out.Come see me at my blog and weigh in on the latest,I am curious as to what you think.peace

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