Cup, cup and away

I came home to the strangest sight yesterday. Carolyn was throwing something away. Yep. For all you omen-seekers, it may be time to sell high and move to higher ground. My wifey throws nothing away. Nada. Zilch.

However, as documented here by my trusty Sony Cybershot DSC-W7, the old cups are in the trash, and we have some nice? new ones. They’re, uh, red. Very. With matching bowls. Come Christmas time, we are gonna be rather festive. Right now, all our cereal milk looks like it’s been Strawberry-Quicked.Nestrawx_2

By the way, you might recognize the mixer in the background…

While she’s in the mood, I better go pad-lock my t-shirt drawer.

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  1. angela says:
    The sacred ritual of throwing aways happens constantly at my house. I can’t stand a cluttered house, and am moved to throw nearly everything that sits out in the open. When it gets too cluttery, I get depressed! Hey, maybe that’s whats wrong with me latley….

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