Deep love (1 Peter 4)


Above all, love each other deeply… 4.8

The apostle tells us to to love each other as an overarching command. It is to be our regular “attitude” (4.1) and the default of our Christian core.

When life has gotten hectic, wehn crises have multiplied, when confusion reigns – remember and renew your love for other Christians. Though we may not “feel” like it, a new attention to loving others deeply will blast us from our self-consummation. It will destroy our proclivity to nitpick, and it will lay waste to our ways of worry.

Love one another deeply.

How can I practice, model, and do that to someone today?

Offering hospitality is one way. Using what God has given you – spiritual gifts, natural talents, time, resources, etc. Whatever God gives you a peace about parting with, that, for you may be your call to express deep love.

For we cannot love one another truly without parting with something. “For God so love the world that He gave…”

Our reason for loving? Besides that it benefits us (“love covers a multitude of sins”), it primarily brings glory to God!

So that in all things, God may be praised through Jesus Christ. 4.11

For “God is love” (1 John 4.16), and where we pour out love on another, we show God’s character, His presence, and His heart.

How can you shift from self-consummation to deep love for others this day?

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  1. I find it is often more difficult to model this sacrificial love to those I love the most (i.e. my wife). It’s often easier to love those who have not asked for it in return. Nice blog, by the way!
  2. Mark W. says:
    Deeply…love deeply, you write…and with that fish picture…the BIG pucker-lipped marine life…something fishy is going on here…what are you suggesting with that pic?
  3. brandy files says:
    how can you write something so profound and then put a pic like that up? hilarious. but what i really wanted to say was thank you. you and carolyn have “loved” on us (not like the pic) for the last couple of days, and its been great to have that friendship and accountability to lean on. lives are changing, jeff, ours in a huge way. god is bringing the change, but you and journey have been his hands, eyes, heart, feet, ears, . . . . .thanks for loving us.

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