Diet Preachers

In this day of Diet Coke, Diet Snapple, Diet This & That, we also have Diet Preachers. These are guys who refrain from preaching "the whole counsel of God." They are all about wealth, health, happiness, goodness, and stuffed animals. Now, there’s nothing wrong with any of these things, but they are only one part of life. There is also hardship, illness, suffering, death, trials and PC computers.

We should not hesitate to hold any of today’s Christian celebrity preachers accountable to God’s revealed word. When they cannot give clear answers to those who ask them about their faith or the hope they have in Christ, there is a significant problem. For example, Joel Osteen, pastor of 30,000 member Lakewood Church, was interviewed by Larry King and waffled throughout the interview, failing to articulate clearly anything. Read the transcript of the interview for yourself.

Dan Phillips has a commentary about this interview and says that at one point Osteen had posted a letter of apology on his ministry site, but it is no longer there.

In this day of muddled theology, there are many who have embraced new ways of thinking that are actually old ways of doing heresy. Let’s hold all our Christian "heroes" to the standard of truth as revealed in God’s Word. That will also require us all to be better students and devotees to the scriptures. Now is not the time for mass biblical illiteracy. The Word of God is the hope of salvation to all who believe.

Don’t diet. God’s Word is a banquet for the starving. Fatten up.

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  1. A.J. says:
    I have noticed a trend with these TV Preachers. Most are more concerned about how you can use faith to gain earthly wealth. Take for example the name of Joel Osteen’s best selling book “Your best life now”. I am not looking for my best life right now, I’m laying up treasures in Heaven. God knows my needs and if I’m faithful to him with the faith he gives me, then I will be taken care of. Thanks for the link to the Larry King transcript, I’ll have to take a look at it when I get some time.
  2. One name comes to mind when I think of “be wealthy” preachers and thats Robert Tilton. I thought he was long gone but late one night I saw him on an infomercial hocking a book and a kleenex. Have people not caught on after all these years? I was inspired to post a famous Tilton clip on my blog. Stop by if you need a good dose of potty humor. (everyone does)
  3. K.T. says:
    Sorry dont have much experience with TV Evangelists other than Pat Robertson.I have seen Joel Osteen though,in flipping through the channels…LOL
  4. Jim says:
    I was ‘unfortunate’ enough to watch the actual Larry King show when Olsten made these remarks. I still remember the sinking feeling I had when he could not give a concise answer concerning salvation. My heart goes out to the many thousands of people who, through this type of teaching…really doesn’t understand what true salvation means and what that does for eternity. The realm of christianity is so much larger than just a ‘warm fuzzy’ existance, here on earth.

    Anne Graham Lotz says it real simple: “Just Give Me Jesus”.

  5. jill says:
    our sunday school teacher talks about this frequently – especially stuff about Joel. Even moreso, how Americans are flocking to this type of “preaching” – more like motivational speaking – and are receiving basically nothing. Oh, by the way, he did the same thing on the View I hear. It’s actually quite scary to see Christians become complacent and politically correct
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  7. Mark W. says:
    Getting spots on Larry King AND The View? One thing I would NOT call Osteen is “complacent.” He is a force to be reckoned with, and his charisma is an active weapon for his cause. Too bad that cause is mere selfishness disguised in the veneer of moral duty. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him wind up with his precursors one of these days…you know, the two Jims (Bakker and Swaggert, that is…at least Jones had “real” conviction).
  8. jill says:
    oooohhh i forgot- do you remember that video of the televangelist that you showed us one night of the tooting preacher?? someone covered those noises in when he spoke in tongues, danced around, etc. can’t remember what preacher it wastho…hilarious. this all made me remember to the deep recesses of my mind
  9. Jeff says:
    Jill & Michael… I have a copy of the Tilton video somewhere, but have long since been using mpg files for my own private flatulence enjoyment. Yes, I admit to screening this video to small numbers of collegians about twice a year…

  10. says:
    Everyone in life has a message to transmit to people keep an iopen mind and take what you think would be benifical to your own oersonal life story and leave the rest is simple not easy you can never tell when the game is over. So enjoy the journey and take out the postive in life and leave the rest alone utilize people dont anylize them leave that to GOD. Rember the glass can be half full of water or half empty . God has given us Freedom of choice. Your Move?

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