Featured on the Washington Post site…

Yep. That’s my little blog on the Washington Post site!!! At least it was there at this very moment!

Seems like the Post’s site uses Technorati, and since I linked to an article there, my blog is now featured.

If you’re a beginning blogger, a good way to drive more traffic to your site is to actively post comments on other blogs, link to good articles you find, and give as much credit to others as you possibly can. They’ll be grateful, and generally will visit your site. Every now and then you might even get a significant recommendation as Todd Dailey did on his blog. He posted a brief article about how you could clean your iPod with ordinary “Brasso” (only $3.85 at Wal-Mart) rather than spending a bunch on branded iPod cremes. (I’ve tried it, and it works!)

Anyway, after such a post, he had more than 800,000 hits from about 40,000 unique IP addresses!!!! Wow!

So link, post, comment, and blog away. Anything consumer-minded you think of that might help others or save them money, go for it! You’ll be surprised how far your words and influence might go!

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  1. Jim says:
    You are like that T.V. show Jeff. “Almost Famous”. You’re awsome man. I apreciate you so much. I rambled about you on my blog. Sorry, I should have asked for permission first, but…transparently speaking, I’m way too spontaneous and not willing wait on God for that.

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