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I know a bunch of you who stop by are just getting into blogging or love to lurk. In an uncommon spirit of blog charity, I thought I’d post again on some things that help your blog be successful. Others have done so with much greater effect, but I can’t help it. I’m nice.

One of the things that make blogs more fun and interactive is commenting… At the end of each post, you’ll see a comment link. It’s there that you interact with a blog’s author and other readers. Really good blogs have as much content in the comments as they do in the original entry.

1. Comment! Leave your thoughts, reflections, agreements, or disagreements.
2. Respond to comments. Nothing kills a good blog better than the author’s silence from reader’s comments. Make sure to comment back to let folks know you’re interested and care about what they have to say.

Another thing is helping your favorite blogs to increase their traffic. More traffic means more readers. More readers encourages an author to post more frequently. The Catch-22 here is that you need to get on a posting schedule as an author so that when people visit, there will be something new to look at or read.

3. Refer your favorite blogs to your friends and enemies.
—> A. Send an email to your addresses with your favorite blog’s link.
—> B. Mention your favorite blog in an entry on your blog and make sure to link to it in the entry.
—> C. Consider linking to the blog in your own blog or webpage’s "Link" section.
—> D. Anytime you find a blog entry interesting, make sure you link it in an entry of your own. This will drive traffic to your site AND their site. For instance, you can see the entry below where I have linked to John Gruber’s excellent site Daring Fireball. (There, see? I did it again!)

As you frequent a blog, look to see if the author has chosen any "Blog Tools" to try and help his/her blog receive more attention. Use them. For instance, I’ve chosen "Blog Hop" as one of the tools. When you vote on my blog by clicking on one of squares to the right, it helps drive others to my blog through that tool. So vote now…

4. Use available blog tools and promotional sites.

May I also suggest if you’re interested to review an older NftT entry here.

Here are some other great thoughts:
? From Biz Stone
? From Richard Giles
? Another excellent article

5. Be sneaky. Add words that you know will be indexed by tons of folks. Like free ipod, government secrets, new Veronica Zemanova, and earn more money.

Update: (6/5/06)
Found another great blog article here…

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  1. Jeff says:

    Jill, just learned the other day about Paul and Missy heading to Bryant. Heard Paul was hairless. 😉 I haven’t seen them since they left Camden. Would love to get together with them. Thanks for the heads up. Crazy that you recognized them.

    One sneaky trick you might try is posting “hot words” in the same color as your background. That way, they don’t actually show up in your blog, but search engines still catch them…

    Certainly! Link away! I stopped by your blog and enjoyed it! Will check back often.

  2. Joel says:
    Hi, I’ve just spent the best part of an hour looking through your blog – it makes good reading. I got to it from a link Andy’s, Eyes turned outward blog. I just wondered if it would be okay to link to your blog from mine? I thought it would be polite to ask. Cheers.
  3. chefpierre says:
    Point #5: Yeah, I posted “viagra” and trolled out a new comment from this person that I do not know.

    I feel so “Almost Famous.”

  4. jill says:
    josh and i ran into missy williams and her husband today in bryant. missy and i recognized each other but neither could remember how we knew each other. we realized that carolyn and u were the connection. isn’t that weird??? gosh, it’s been probably 10 years and i’m sure i never saw them THAT much! small world i guess. tell caro that they’re in bryant now, he’s the minister of education at first southern

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