If you read my “Lessons from high school English” below, you know how much I loved English. It was there that I learned about foreshadowing. Foreshadowing is a story element that hints at something later in the story. Many times, it’s such a subtle hint that you may not realize it until later. The movie Sixth Sense may contain some of the best examples of foreshadowing I’ve seen in a long time.

But here’s a pictorial representation of foreshadowing in the Noble home…
Don’t get it?

Well, anytime I look out our front windows and see our van parked in the front lawn and it’s door is up like that, I know immediately several things. It’s because of foreshadowing. Here are the conclusions I derive from this subtle image…
1. Carolyn has been to Wal-Mart.
2. She has just bought one of everything from the carrot section to the coffee section.
3. It took 4.6 stock boys to get everything out of her 2.3 shopping carts into our minivan.
4. She expects me to drop everything and come unload the minivan without the help of the aforementioned 4.6 stock boys.
5. The minivan will sit in such location until I motivate myself (and have myself motivated) to extract its contents.
6. Our neighbors know exactly what’s going on and enjoy betting on the time delay between the back door going up and my appearance.
7. Trying to slip out the back door for an “appointment” is NOT a valid excuse for neglecting the minivan and its contents.
8. The length of the delay between the van door going up and my appearance in the front yard is directly proportional to the rise and fall of my spousal approval rating.
9. We are now broke for a week.
10. Dead people are not going to help me unload the groceries, even if I see them and communicate with them.

So… try to identify foreshadowing in your life… I’d be interested in hearing from you.

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  1. Jeff Noble says:
    Nope. We moved from Tanglewood back in ’02. New house. Same van. Different groceries. Glad to see you’re still lurking!
  2. jill says:
    JEFF- is that the house ya’ll have always lived in?? i don’t remember it being white. ok, foreshadowing – when i see a pile of receipts on the armoire and i’m suddenly filled with dread, knowing that Josh has probably debited everything in our account and a few others. makes me anxious just thinking about it….
  3. Jeff Noble says:
    Hey Phil! Welcome to the blogzone! I’m not connected in any way with beliefnet, orther than being a member there. But thanks for your input and thoughts! You’re welcome anytime, and I plan on stopping by your site to look at things.
  4. Phil says:
    now what did I hit, I just erased my comment here–“opps–guess I should focus better when typing–was sayin,I guess I should comment on the blog that got me started here–bout highschool n such–oh I could go on for hrs bout my teen years,but mainly I,m back ta apolijize if I came on a bit heavyhanded here–we all have ta have our agendas n egos ta contend with–can be maddening at this age of pushin 60–and still tryin ta live half my age–and think even younger–too much water over the dam for that tho–the mind tends ta race or rage outta control,mostly when ya think ya may have an audience–and this all started this morn by visiting the website called –Beliefnet—is the blog connected in any way–done lost track here—Phil-aka…hippee5457
  5. Phil says:
    I just entered the blog zone with my 1st comment,(dont remember the site already) and didnt proofread my littl ditty till after posting it–then discovered with my 2finger army taught typin just how many errors I left unattended—I was taught better than that in highschool, but here at 7am ,after bein up w/ carpeltunnel numbness at 4am–wakin me from sleep,I,m a bit skitty/–oh what the word?–too much morn coffee maybe or just tha mid.age babyboomer blues–been a lotta wear n tear on this ole S.C. bod in my nearly 59 yrs…somebody email me ta let me knoe if I,m gittin thru to someone?––I also invited all ta visit my own pages on the web –@ ––poetname -Philip Corder–been scribblin poetry now for a few yrs–and had bout 20 or so published–theres 50+ on my site–I began the writing thing back in the early 70s,writin n performing my own songs for the local public around my hometown, in S. C. still write a song or so,wkly or monthly,but concentrate mostly on poetry now–as I,m more successful at it–from chilly S.C. this may1st 2006 morn–Ya,ll come now,n Peace n Luv to ya all –Phil,aka..hippee547

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