Goodbye Dakota… I loved thee

I am secure in my manhood. I am secure in my manhood. I am secure in my manhood. My breasts are not growing. My breasts are not growing.

That’s my new daily mantra to be repeated until I am able to enter the world with confidence. I repeat this to myself for a full 5 minutes before I slide into the driver’s seat of our minivan. Yep. You heard it right; I am now driving a minivan. After several months of searching, enlisting the eyes and ears of others to help search, we found Caro her “dream” vehicle and purchased it yesterday. It’s a 2002 Toyota Sequoia SR5 with all the trimmings. It’s a beaut, and we got a great deal on it. We’ve been shopping these things for months, literally.

Anyway, because of our commitment to be a one-car-payment family, that means that my quad-cab midnight blue, V8 Dodge Dakata SLT is on the block. Sniff. And I’m now driving one fine minivan. I think I’ll get a lift kit put on it, and a winch, and a mounted spot light. Maybe some tractor tires.

No, I’m not compensating. Whatever gave you that idea?

Anyway, as Carolyn now literally skips down the sidewalk to the carport, singing joyfully, I check traffic patterns and try to avoid as many bubba jams as I can. (Bubba jams are conglomerations of pickups with shotgun racks and large, bearded men wearing camo – about 80% of the traffic here in Monticello).

One day… I hope to acquire a used Jeep Wrangler for under $5K. So if you hear or know of one, please holler. I don’t think my daily mantra is helping.

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  1. Jeff says:
    Jill, we finally sold the Forerunner to Caro’s folks for use at their lakehouse. A year later, a fire at the house (arson!) burned the carport to the ground. All that was left of Old Green was the rear axle! Sniff. We drove it 10 years!

    As far as Caro’s college car, we fixed the gear deal and drove it forever, finally selling it to someone here in town. It was a Nissan something-or-other, I think. You’ll have to ask Caro about that on her blog.

  2. jill says:
    way to help increase our gas prices guys!! lol how long have ya’ll NOT had that 4-runner i remember?? and did you ever get rid of that little car that wouldn’t go past 3rd gear?
  3. jeff says:
    LeeAnn… oops! Sorry! ;} But you’ve got to know that Caro has been talking about a Sequoia for a solid year. It just took us that long to pull the trigger and finally discover one in our budget range! Be patient!
  4. Brittany says:
    Thanks for visiting, Jeff. The other one was mainly for our youth. They thought it was the coolest thing that Shaun and I had a Xanga! I still have that one too, but I was feeling kind of old in Xangaland! Oh and congrats on the new vehicle!
  5. This is not helping my “I really want a new car but am going to wait on the Lord’s timing” ordeal. Thanks, Caroline. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m so happy for you! I love Toyotas!
  6. chefpierre says:
    Got to love a man who knows that he is a lay-preacher, yet can still draw the “skid-mark” analogy with impunity.

    You know that Our Lord Jesus Christ loves it every time someone throws a “whoopee cushion” into the mix!


  7. Jeff says:
    Aaah. Thanks, Angela. But yes, I’m waiting to get props from The Rock and others. No offense! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Yep! Nothing t’all wrong with used. Monthly payments that are actually cheaper than what we were paying on my truck… a wonderfully nice vehicle for us… a happy spouse… and my repeated mantra will take us far!

  8. Angela W says:
    One nice looking vehicle if you ask me…then again I think you want to hear that from those who have testosterone running through their veins! Maybe you can work on converting Mark for me! Enjoy the wheels and refrain from green glaring at all the new Chevy, Toyota, and Ford trucks on the road! From what I can tell, this vehicle looks like a good compromise! Congratulations on also buying a used vehicle…who said we all need the newest latest greatest model to look good in our cars! Wise Frugality is on your side!
  9. TJ says:
    I saw this post come up under your “this day in the year” and had to click. I had the same happen just recently. My quad cab dakota v-8 *sniff* had to go as the easier vehicle to sell. Now I drive a minivan so my wife can drive her 08 pilot. Unfortunately however, I have noticed my breasts ARE growing.
    TJยดs last blog post ..Turf wars
    1. Jeff says:
      How did I miss this comment, TJ? Just saw it and LOLed. Sorry about your growing breasts…

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