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My Firefox program did an auto update yesterday, and today when I went to search for something, I noticed that results were being returned by Yahoo’s search service. I had disabled it from the Firefox search bar a long time. To add to my consternation, when I went to put Google seach as my default seach, with second, Google was no longer even an option! Anyone know what gives? I really like the ability to use multiple search engines, but I still use Google as my main one.

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  1. TJ says:
    I updated my firefox (windoze version) and it’s google thing is working fine. Must be that darned Mac?!
  2. bob says:
    I feel sorry for you!!! Yahoo search, eww
  3. mattack says:
    I had this happen to me too. Did you find a fix for it?
  4. Jeff says:
    I went and downloaded the Google Toolbar plugin for Firefox and after it installed, the original Google search option was back. I don’t know what I did… ;}
  5. Kadin2048 says:
    This happened to me today, too. It’s particularly obnoxious because Google doesn’t appear as an option on the “Manage Search Engines” page (presumably because it’s the default and they don’t think you’d ever have a reason to need it). But when it disappears, there’s no way to get it back!

    I guess I’ll try installing the Google Toolbar (I really don’t want to, I’m short enough on screen real estate as it is) and see if that brings it back. I really don’t want to have to reinstall Firefox and all my extensions! Argh.

  6. Jeff says:
    Did it work for you?
  7. sean says:
    i had the same problem & solved it by uninstalling firefox & then everything is ok.
    (the problem seems to be related to add-ons which also will
    slow down firefox depending on how many you have)
  8. Ash says:
    You can solve this problem by reinstalling the Google search from Mycroft.

    See the Mycroft Google Search page for a list of all the available (and localised) Google search engines available.

  9. winzone says:
    Hi All,
    For me, when i update firefox, google search button not appear.
    but IE can see the google search button.

    Any one have suggestion to solve problem…. is it bug in FireFox ???

  10. Civis says:
    __Google Search and I’m Feeling Lucky buttons missing __

    The solution is to ignore Google and use another search engine that does not randomly experiment and annoy users.

    I asked Google why they removed the search button, they chose to ignore me and let me move onto another search engine as a result.

    I now use Microsoft’s BING to maximise the use of my mouse in the way I prefer to use MY computer.

    If Google post a general advert that they have reverted to normal service and apologise for messing the UK user base around I may decide to earn them revenue by clicking on a link from their pages. No apology and Microsoft get that revenue instead.

    Long live the BING, the king is gaga, google is gone.

  11. Ed says:
    Since the OP is going back to 2007 hopefully their issue has been solved but my reply is more for anyone else who’s doing a search for this problem.

    Just a suggestion but if Google is not showing up as an option in your list of Search Engines anymore, try reloading your Java plugin/support. OS X users need to use ‘Software Update’ as Apple dictates their own version of Java. Windows users can go to for the latest version. Linux users can check their respective package managers, or manually install using the site above.

    Oh, and I don’t mind sinking to their level. Ignore comments from those like TJ and Civis — there’s way too much trolling going on. Answers to people’s questions with non-helpful comments is a complete waste of everyone’s time.

    Also, there’s the Mozilla developer’s page for Google search engines

  12. Civis Verbi says:
    Ed has the same arrogance as Google, thinking that comments from mere mortals are below him. To pretend he is sinking to my level suggests he is unaware of what his level is. He has not made any substantial contribution to this discussion and should follow his own advise and ignore himself. No doubt he finds himself wasting his own time with his head up his own a*se, um ‘r’ fills the gap.

    Why must I try to resolve Googles problems for them. If they can’t provide me with the service I want I’ll not offer them my prospect in future. My solution to that arrogance is to change my search engine. Google have not posted me an email seeking my forgivness in lowering my experience of using Google. I haven’t bothered them since, nor will I as a matter of preference. I now use Bing go try it.


  13. kedar says:
    go to manage search engines and click restore defaults πŸ™‚
  14. The Google Toolbar Plugin in not compatible with Firefox 15. I solved this problem by upgrading to Firefox 16, wherein the Google Toolbar Plugin is available and visible.
  15. KitchM says:
    Ash was correct; use the Mycroft Project to select the preferred version of Google (or other) search engine and it is back where it was. It even worked for the 24.0 version on Linux.

    By the way, one’s primary search engine should be the secure lxquick engine.

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