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jeff-caroI’ve not updated you on the latest with Carolyn’s health in a while, but 2014 has felt a lot like 2008. It was in November 2008 when we received results from a PET scan that there were three areas of concern that required biopsies. You can read more about that journey here.

What’s different this year is health insurance. I’ll resist adding some angry comments about Democrats and their ugly ramrodding of Obamacare down our sore throats (see what I did there?). The compressed version is that there have been growth in some of Carolyn’s lymph nodes.

We’ve known this for a year as a result of CT scans. We were scheduled for a PET scan in March, which Anthem denied. That forced the oncologist in Little Rock to order another CT scan for November, which showed even more growth. As a result, Carolyn had two biopsies in November. The biopsy report was initially good news – no cancer. However, upon further review, it was inconclusive since they indicated the presence of granulomas.

Without a PET scan, we can’t know if there are more granulomas present in her lymph system. So the doctor scheduled her for one, we booked flights, and two days before, Anthem turned us down again. This is not like 2008. Carolyn’s doctor called Anthem, protested vehemently and was treated rudely on the phone. Mind you, we’re paying our insurance premiums faithfully every month – even higher insurance premiums now, thanks to Obamacare, and yet the insurance company is telling the doctor what he can and can’t do to treat my wife who has been fighting cancer off and on for over 20 years. (I may be a little bitter.)

The appeal is in process, but in the meantime, I’d like to rehash an entry I wrote back in 2008 – “As You Help Us By Your Prayers.” The situation is similar, and more importantly, the solution is the same:

We covet your prayers during this time for our ability to set our hope on Him. Please pray for us all around. There are several areas of this “life stuff” that we are helpless to do without His work at this time. As always, we thank you for your gracious and tender mercy toward us through your prayers and help.

After years of learning dependence on prayer during these times, our emotions are not quite as raw as they used to be as far as the why’s. What makes these days frustrating is needless interference from the insurance company, knowing that we still carry medical balances on what they haven’t paid in years past.

In light of that, we ask for your prayers again. Thank you in advance for your kind and consistent intercession for us. Specifically,

  • Pray for healing for Carolyn. Something is up; we just don’t know what.
  • Ask God for provision for medical expenses (past/present).
  • Pray for Anthem to reverse their decision and cover the PET scan.
  • On a larger scale, pray for wisdom for those leaders in our country to truly fix the health mess.

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  1. Vanessa T says:
    Oh, Obamacare… I cannot imagine the level of frustration you are experiencing on top of everything else. I will be praying for that which you asked.
    Vanessa T´s last blog post ..Imperfectly “Brave”…
    1. Jeff says:
      Vanessa, thanks so much for your prayers. We are so grateful! (and thanks for leaving a comment!)
  2. Jamie Hansen says:
    Jeff and Carolyn, I feel your frustration with the whole health care system, everyone is being affected by this stupid Obamacare garbage, only the rich and powerful are getting the health care they need, it has affected people like me as well on medicare, and disability. Doctors hands are tied to be able to diligently take care of their patients and give them what they need. BUT we serve an all powerful God, who is IN CONTROL no matter now things look, yes things are getting worse and worse in this country, but we do not suffer as our brothers and sisters do in Arab countries for their faith. And please know my prayers and thoughts and heart are with you through this… love and prayer, Jamie , your cuz!!!
    1. Jeff says:
      Jamie, it is a frustrating situation for a lot of people with medical needs these days, but perspective is key. Remembering God’s sovereignty and His love for His people is a continual faith reorientation that yields peace and strength. Thanks for your prayers and your thoughts! Merry Christmas!
  3. Praying for healing in all areas. Give Carolyn a hug for me! 🙂
    1. Jeff says:
      Jennifer, it’s so wonderful to hear from you! I’ll be happy to give her that hug. 😉 Merry Christmas!
  4. kent dodge says:
    Hi Jeff,

    your situation was brought to my attention thru Young Life friends. I major on helping people on the health insurance front. let me know if I can help you with the insurance process. will be praying for you and wife. tnx, kent

    1. Jeff says:
      Hi Kent,
      Thanks so much for your kind offer. I’m going to send you an email to the one you left the comment with.

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