I shudder.

After my last referral to another blog generated some powerful discussion that elicited apologies from almost everyone (except Bill Clinton), I shudder to post a link to another blog. But heck. Here goes. Justin over at Radical Congruency comments that there are two Christianities operative in America today. What think ye?

On this day...


  1. K.T. says:
    So what “box” does Journey fit in?
  2. Mark W. says:
    Clinton sent his personal apology to me via “private” email. It was rather like gibberish, though. Something about how his view has to do with what “is” is…

    Anyway, don’t count on tempting me into another comment frenzy with this carrot. I read the post, and I couldn’t help but think:

    a) it is way too simplified

    b) it makes “emergent” churches sound like Jehovah’s Witnesses. Emergents don’t really think we’ll carry THIS earth into a heavenly state do they? You know much more about this than I do.

    Not to trump scripture here, but I think we would be better off not worrying about the details of “end times” (like we’d know God’s schedule), and contemplate the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, who said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” This way, we don’t have to worry about when the end comes (it’ll come soon enough – if naturally), but we also take good care of our surroundings in the process.

    I think Gandhi had this one right.

  3. Jeff Noble says:
    I agree that this is vastly oversimplified, and for the sake of genuine discussion may not be useful.

    KT, I would see Journey as being a morph between the two extremes. We urge our membership to get involved in the community. Strangely enough, we even scale back our church activities on purpose, so that members can be more visible and plugged in to what is taking place around us.

    To that end, we might be more “emergent” as the classification goes. On the other hand, we live under the imminent return of Christ. Therefore, while we seek to build relationships with people in our community through serving them and practical good works, we do so with urgency. Time is NOT on our side, nor is it on anyone’s.

  4. K.T. says:
    I felt not only that it was oversimplifying but also stereotyping and that no one church fits into either mold perfectly but all build on the two ideas.

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