If I weren’t me, I’d be…

Thanks to Mark for finding out this bit of cool technological trivia. By using the face recognition software over at MyHeritage.com, you can upload a photo of yourself and get a match of famous folks you supposedly look like. The only thing… different photos yield different results. I know this, cause after my first attempt resulted in a 72% match with Hilary Swank, I began to cry and then had a sudden desire to go to the powder room.

However, after a second picture, here are some of the results (I didn’t know some of the folks; and of course, I’ve chosen the best to represent me well here…)
Jeff Bridges … 60% match
Lance Armstrong … 49% match
Willem Dafoe … 48% match
Billy Graham … 48% match

Other folks I’ve been told before I look like:
Randy Travis
Matt Damon

On this day...


  1. Jeff says:
    Mark… ah-ha-ha. I’m gonna drive by your house and rev my hamsters at you. But yes, the BG pic was the last one in my list. No foolin.’ Can I get an Amen? I see that hand…
  2. Mark W. says:
    I’m glad you enjoyed the face recognition software. About the Hilary Swank thing: do you think it knows you’re driving a minivan? (kidding!!!) Anyway, the Matt Damon pic looks the closest to me. Billy Graham? Billy Graham?…you did sneak that one in on purpose, right? Be honest! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. Jeff says:
    Auntie, auntie… you may think that I’m talking foolish, but I’m just not one of those guys… You haven’t heard the soothing bluesy sound of my v-cords early in the morning. It’s enough to make your coffee come back up.
  4. Carolyn Bakalekos says:
    Definitely Randy Travis. Just wish you could sing.

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