I’ll be back…

Whew. I’m pooped. Really.

My posting has tapered off here at Notes in the past few days, but it’s not been because I haven’t thought about it. I just haven’t had time to stop. I’ve been actively trying to nurture MonticelloLive into existence, as well as starting a new part-time job.

I started working with Rick Hales last week. Rick’s a great friend and an all-around tech marvel. From satellites to sound systems to lighting to things with ladders, he can do it. He’s been completely swamped for a while now, and after a conversation the other day, we decided we could help each other. I need the money, and he needs the help.

So, as a bivocational pastor/graphic designer/entrepreneur/gadfly married to a wonderful wife/best friend/photographer/increda-mom, I have been growing more and more cognizant that I’m not bringing home the bacon. She is. And fellas, that ain’t good. So, I’m working a part-time job. It’s a wonderful break from intensity because working with Rick requires a whole nudder set of brain cells that I didn’t realize I had. (Rick may be wondering if they actually exist.) This kind of work is not what I’m used to, and for the time being, it’s refreshing.

However, it means that I’m doubly-stretched. We’ll see just how far the amazing Super-Elasti-Jeff can go. (Remember Stretch Armstrong?)

So.. if my posts taper off, just keep commenting on old ones. That will make me feel special.

I’ll be back… I promise.

On this day...


  1. Mark W. says:
    Hey, Jeff! Don’t work those brain cells too hard. I’ve never heard someone (besides Socrates) refer to himself as a “gadfly” before. It’s good to see that you’re so deliberately conscientious of your identity…and “gadflys” are good!

    BTW…LOVED Stretch Armstrong!!! He was so cool! (man, I’m old)

  2. K.T. says:
    I was wondering how you were juggling all of that…Journalists has to be one of the most time consuming professions.Albeit enjoyable.You have alot on your plate.Besides I dont think it is always about the dough-you do well in humanitarian efforts and that is really awesome.
  3. Jeff says:
    Funny how so much changes in a year…

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