I’m Your Father…

OK, my wife is mad at me. Well, kind of. It wasn’t enough that Sam and I are addicted to Madden and Star Wars games on the Xbox. Now that Sam got me Star Wars: Battlefront II for my birthday, Adelyn is in on the action too. She wants to be the “green girl with the pretty-colored swords.”

Carolyn sits in the back of the house and watches home improvement shows while we save the universe.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day today, we’re going to be thoughtful… and see if Caro wants to play as Yoda.

On this day...


  1. Jeff Noble says:
    That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard! I laughed out loud on that.

    To be a bad example…

    oh c’mon… everyone’s doing it. Get an Xbox. You’ll be popular. You’ll get picked first in kickball…

  2. DB says:
    Madden 2006 is like cocaine. It is for exactly this reason that I am not permitted to have a video game system.
  3. Kiki says:
    I have the same problem in my home. It was bad enough with just the Playstation 2, but now a student gave us an X-box, too.

    So I give them 30-minute tokens. They get 8 a week.

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