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I was really impressed when I ran across Joel’s offer to buy the first few commenters (lurkers and all) a subscription to Relevant magazine on his blog. After hastily signing up myself ๐Ÿ˜‰ I thought I’d carry on the offer here at Notes from the Trail. One of the wondrous ways that we can help increase the witness of the people of God is to make sure that they’re lovingly engaged in their cultures. I’ve discovered that exposing people to biblically-based, insightful, and well-written materials can help connect them with their community in new ways. So, here goes. The first 4 commenters will get to choose from the following: Discipleship Journal, Relevant, Christianity Today, Next Wave, or Leadership.


On this day...


  1. Jeff says:
    Kristy… you got it!
  2. Kristy says:
    sign me up since no one is taking you up on this. you pick one for me and mike. thanks a bunch!
  3. Joel says:
    You subscription is sorted. They’ll ship it out as soon as they do – let me know when it gets to you!
  4. Jeff says:
    Eric & Mark…
    You make the first two! Two more to go! Get me your addresses via email, and I’ll get teh sub rolling your way. Also, try to think of a clever way to pass on the favor to someone else.
  5. Mark W. says:
    Are you for real? How could I pass up such a gracious offer? My dad (in Seattle) reads Discipleship Journal and I really like some of the columns in it, but has he bothered to offer me a free subscription? Nope. Anyway, good reading material is always something to smile about. I would recommend Discipleship Journal to anyone who wants to read “insightful and well-written articles…it’s really impressive stuff.
    BTW…enjoy 6.6.06 day…it will be over soon enough. ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Eric Roberts says:
    sign me up for DJ

    By the way…good way to get a lurker invovled. I have actually wanted to post numerous times but have refrained. Hope things are going well.

    PS Gotta love rss stuff

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