iPods anyone?

Early holiday presents for the bargain shopper… I’ve bought six different iPods direct from Apple. All are refurbished and come with Apple’s one-year warranty. No manuals, but they do come with cases and software. The iPod mini’s come with headphones and the nifty plastic belt clip made by Apple. All iPod’s are in mint condition cosmetically. None of them have the USB cords for syncing with your computer and charging, but they’re only a coupla bucks on Ebay (or you can get them at Wal-Mart,.

Here are the models:

  • (2) iPod mini’s – These are hot items. They are probably the most durable and well-loved iPod made by Apple. In fact, there’s a huge consumer group pestering Apple to re-release these. Aluminum construction along with a 4gig hard drive make these perfect for just about any music lover. Go here for the specs. I have a green one and a silver one.
  • (2) iPod nano’s – Amazing technology packed into a small footprint. With a color screen and a 2gig hard drive, these iPod’s are student favorites, cause they fit unobtrusively into a shirt pocket. I have a black and a white one.
  • (2) iPod video’s – With this amazing iPod, you can download TV shows and movies to your iPod! I’ve got the 30gig versions, one black, one white.

Price list:

  • iPod mini’s – $190
  • iPod nano’s – $180
  • iPod video’s – $265

Contact me by email or through comments if you’re interested. Gotta get rid of them! Make me an offer! Heck, you can toodle over here to walmart.com and see what a deal you’re getting on the iPod video’s!

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  1. Michael says:
    I’d be more than happy to take one of those video ipods for a “trial run” for you. I’m one of those sad individuals that has a g3 ibook that can’t quite play videos from IMS…I’m saving my pennies…
  2. K.T. says:
    Well mine are still young yet for IPOD’s but I wanted to say-I have to get to catching up on your blog I dont know how I missed so many posts…..
  3. Jeff says:
    Never too young, K.T.! Our daughter has one of the iPod shuffles and loves it. πŸ˜‰

    Michael… if you want, I’d consider a payment plan..

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