John Piper loves Macs… or does he?

When a blog entry concludes with the following…

Realize that millions of people in the other religions of the world are not looking for people with more American cultural coolness or techno savvy. They are looking for a Holy man, a man of God.

…you have to read more, right? Piper has a dynamic and provoking assessment as to what defines our/my pursuit of technological coolness. He urges and contrasts that with our need to pursue holy over hip. Read his message here.

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  1. Mark W says:
    Hmm…sounds like you’ve just got some Mac-guilt your dealing with. It’s okay, we’re all pulling for you.

    One thing to keep in mind about the Mac vs. PC commercials is how the public has responded. Everyone seems to really like the PC guy – we can identify with him and we end up thinking he’s the fun one and the success of the whole commercial. The self-assured Mac guy, on the other hand, just comes off as kind of a prig. Don’t ya think?

  2. Jeff says:
    I think the PC guy is funny too. However, even in real life, he’s a Mac addict. So…. come on over to the light.

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