Just “cuzz” I can…

I wanted to give my 2 faithful readers a heads up! Ben Coulter’s new CD comes out on December 18. It’s called “Cuzz, Vol. 1” which, if I know Ben means that there will be at least 5 called “Cuzz.” I think he wants to make as many of these by this title as there are Rocky sequels… πŸ˜‰

But check out his website, and order a CD. He is an extremely talented up-and-coming country talent. It’s not that he’s incredibly talented (he is), but it’s that he’s real. The $10 is worth it. Buy it, enjoy it, and support Ben.

Just cuzz you can.

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  1. RJ Martino says:
    I am a faithfull reader and would enjoy a shameless plug! I read using my rss reader every day.

    Even though I read every post, I am much too simple to post responses… I do enjoy the read.

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