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I read a great book, first published in 1928, over the weekend called The Richest Man in Babylon. For all of you out there whose personal finances are somewhat disorganized (or in shambles), I want to encourage you to pick up a copy and read it! For the first 2 folks who can’t afford the book, I’ll buy it for you. (It’s cheap!)

However, I ask that you sincerely promise to begin to change your approach to your finances. As a personal aside, I sat down today and ran all kinds of Quicken reports for our own family. Even though it’s extremely difficult for us to tell our income level since we’re both self-employed, we’re gonna buckle down and seek to live on 70% of what God does provide. We’ve been consistent givers since our first year of marriage (over 14 years ago), and have seen God do amazing things when you acknowledge Him with the firstfruits of your life. We’ve been able for 3 years now to give more than 10% as a joyful love gift to Him each month through our offerings to our church. We’ve also been enabled to give through other avenues as well. Now it’s time to become even more wise, strategic and shrewd with the monies God provides. I’m excited about our personal financial journey.

Are you ready to become "shrewd" with your money?

By the way, I don’t know if he ever reads this or not, but I want to thank my father-in-law, Danny Hunter, for giving me this book this past Christmas. He and Teresa have proven the premises of the book many times over and inspired me in more ways than one.

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  1. angela says:
    I have been praying that someone would come into our lives to guide us with this part of our lives. For the first time in late August, Mark and I will see the fruits of our labor (a two income household)! Although I am excited, I also am scared. Scared that we will do what most families do…increase spending so that the extra income will get flushed down the toilet and out of our hands. I want to be a good steward. I say with all honesty that I have no idea how. If you’ve read my 100’s blog you would see that we’ve never kept a check register…shame shame. Right now we are playing payback…but soon every debt will be cleared (except School loans). I pray that we learn fast how to save, how to give, and how to continue to live with frugality.

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