Nap Day at the Noble’s…

We spent Thursday-Sunday outside of Smackover, Arkansas (yes, it’s a real place!) at our church’s first annual family camp at Beech Springs Baptist Camp (a great place, incredible food, and awesome facilities!). We had a blast hanging out with friends and enjoyed the relaxed structure of the weekend. You’ll be seeing more pix soon of this experience, I’m sure. However, these pictures were found on my digital camera as I was downloading our pictures from this past weekend. Caro and I got a good laugh out of them and thought you would too.


These were made with a cool little program for the Mac called Comic Life Deluxe. It’s appropriately named for the Noble’s!

On this day...


  1. Jeff says:
    Uh, what funny alien head?
  2. Kristy says:
    I’m so glad someone else finds?”surprise” pictures on their camera. It’s way fun! The comic strip thing looks very cool but I’m a little concerned about the funny ailien head thing for donations. They’ll be donating for you to go get medical help, not our mission trip!
  3. Sam says:
    Very funny VEry funny

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