Nashville stars…

Aaaah. You may recall some of my previous entry about supremely sublime days. This is the beginning of one of them. I’m sitting in a Panera Bread in Nashville, typing away to you, my two faithful blog readers. If I had the money, I would immediately open one of these babies up in Monticello. If you ever see one, stop! Great food, ambience, and friendly service (as well as free wi-fi!) make this franchise a hip and restful place.

Carolyn and I have been in Nashville the last couple of days, on our way to Ashville, NC. We will speaking to some collegians there who are participating in a summer discipleship project called Axis. It’s sponsored by the Baptist Collegiate Ministries of Arkansas. I’m pretty sure it was the brain-child of fellow author, Neal Nelson.

Here are some shots of our trip so far. (you can also see them on Flickr)

So far, we’ve eaten at several fine dining establishments, including Hard Rock Cafe, Mrs. Maggy’s, and Logan’s. Downtown Nashville is cool. We didn’t get down to see a show, but we strolled down Second Avenue and stopped at Sun Records (signers of Johnny Cash and others). I tried to get Caro to record a song with me (you can make your own record there), but she declined. So it’s up to you, Ben Coulter!

We stayed at the Union Station Hotel, an amazing place, full of history (at least history for the States – my UK readers and beyond will scoff at the idea of a train station built in 1898 being very historical). It’s gorgeous and reasonable if you book it on We highly recommend it. The majestic building in the film loop is the hotel.

We stopped by the mall and went to Nashville’s Apple Store. The angels were singing there, so we stopped to listen. Why do people torture themselves with PC’s? Leave the dark side and come to the light, my friends.

We’re heading out this morning for Asheville. So I’m going to get some mo’ coffee, do some reading, and enjoy myself here at Panera. As Paul Harvey would say, Good Day.

BTW, for those followers of the boil episode… it has popped. Aaaah. Thursday was my first non-limp day in a week.

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  1. Karl C. says:
    You can add me to the list, you’ve got three now. Good to hear that you are back to your normal pace and not limping.
  2. A.J. says:
    How dare you talk about PC’s vs. Macs. Don’t you know the Apple played a part in the fall of man! I’ve got a great email I’m sending your way. It’s a spoof of those MAC/PC commericals that have been on the TV as of late. I think you’ll get a kick out of it. Hope ya’ll have a great time while your away for the great state of Arkansas.
  3. Mark W. says:
    Looks like a load of fun. Funny, I’m doing a “trip log” type post today also. Mine’s over and yours is still going. I’m jealous.

    Great news about the boil!

  4. Angela says:
    You have more than two readers…whine whine! You and Mark are exactly the same when it comes to comments. He writes for the comments. Oh by the way, you are so TAGGED to accomplish the irritating task of the 100’s thing blog! Enjoy!
  5. Jeff says:
    Posting from Alabama tonight…
    Karl, thanks for the well-wishes. But I’m confused… 3 to what list?

    AJ… laughed at the commercial you sent. Someday you’ll wake up and realize your computer serves better as a weight for a trot-line than anything else. Get a Mac…

    Angela… read your trip entry. Cool! And btw, apparently the whining worked… πŸ˜‰

  6. You know, we have a Panera Bread here in Fort Smith, but we haven’t tried it yet. I guess we’ll have to soon!
  7. Jeff says:
    Brit, actually your Panera Bread was the first I ever went to! Jackie took me there when I was visiting a month back!
  8. Karl C. says:
    I was referring to your comment about having only ‘two faithful readers’, you can add me to make three readers.
  9. Jeff says:
    Karl… sniff… thanks.

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