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By now, most folks around here have seen the result of my last hair cut. Usually, when people ask if I got a haircut, I say, “No, I got them all cut.” However, this past experience was a dramatic testimony to that.

We were on the back porch, and I had told Caro that I wanted my hair “short” on the sides. It was almost two weeks ago. The day was hinting at spring, and as she began with the clippers, I became mesmerized by looking at the leaf buds on all the trees. Our back yard is going to take an army of volunteers (and unwilling children) to rake. Pine straw lies several inches deep. That will be good for one full-blown sinus infection the week following that chore.

Caro moved to the top of my head with no real pause from clipping my sides. My brain nudged my musings into caution mode. “Something… not… quite… right…” it hinted.


“Oh…,” she said, and then the words, “well, you’ve been saying you wanted to cut your hair off…” Those were immediately followed by hysterical laughter.

I began feeling a mite uncomfortable, wondering just what in the heck had gone on up there above my eyebrows. Of course, there’s no mirror on the back porch. After much discussion, with me assuring her that she could remain my wife and I, as a man of grace and forgiveness, would harbor no ill will – that I would entertain no thoughts of getting her back while she’s sleeping, she continued with the “hair cut.”

Now, I’ve been thinning in the past 5 years. I attribute most of that to church planting and kids under 10. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the sheer volume of hair now blowing around the porch floor in wind eddies. In spite of the my lack of sight at the mishap above, I felt a strange boost of masculinity, just knowing that my cranium could still generate sheer hair volume.

After a few more minutes, I brushed off and headed inside. As I looked incredulously at my new do in the mirror, I was disturbed to notice that I could see distinct reflections of the light bulbs from the overhead light in my scalp. Of course, if you turn the lights off, it looks as if I had much more hair, and the new do actually looks really good in dimness. Hello, night life.

Nowadays, with things growing back (thank goodness my follicles still have the strength to grow) I am enjoying the short hair. There are a couple of patches on the top of my head that seem to have stubbornly resisted losing their supporting cast. The result is darkened patches, or spots, on my head. I think they are wisdom marks.

With all that said, Caro really is a good hair cutter normally. I have a sneaking suspicion that the latest was no accident. So, I’m watching my Ps and Qs around here. And, she’s begun sleeping with one eye open…

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  1. K.T. says:
    When I reminisce on my and my hubby’s wedding photos-taken almost 10 years ago,I always send out a little giggle for the thick head of hair he had then and what he is left with now-it is obvious to most that a.) it started thinning as soon as we had children or that b.) I was the cause of the thinning-since he had that full head of hair until I came into the picture.We mostly keep it closely shorn nowadays and he has a resistant tuft in the front as well,one very thick spot that is just not willing to give up yet.

    K.T.’s last blog post..When I have looked out my window….

  2. Marylee Noble says:
    I still love you even though I’m giggling.
  3. Mitch says:
    Your own mother is laughing at you!

    To say you were “thinning” already is a delicate way to state the obvious.

    I get the distinct impression that Caro was working out some deep-seeded frustration when she seized the clippers. I’m not sure what you did to her to deserve this shearing, but I wouldn’t do it a second time.

  4. Jeff says:
    I don’t think she’s laughing “at” me but rather at remembering just how cute I was as a baby with the same amount of hair… Yea, that’s it.
  5. Neal says:
    I only look at your heart and your butt.

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