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Nuff said: 10 commitments, the power of definitions, leaving your church well, ways you’re doing Twitter wrong, NO!, and more

The Church And Homosexuality: Ten Commitments

Kevin DeYoung has a helpful entry for believers who need to speak to, about and with people who support homosexuality as a normative lifestyle choice. He points out that one’s tone and approach usually adapts to the audience.

He then suggests 10 commitments that Christians need to make in this cultural dialogue which will seek to prevent argument.

Saying NO as a leader

In 170 words, Ron Edmonson nails it on the importance of this two-letter word.

“Unplanned” pregnancies and how definitions impact culture

Mark Regnerus writes about how the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy claimed success in reducing teenage pregnancies by 30% and then added a new emphasis to their focus: unplanned pregnancies. It’s a radical and unwise shift simply because it seeks to redefine pregnancy in general. The movements shifts from something wise to something that actually redefines family and societal views of children.

He borrow some thoughts from sociologist James Hunter that have significant implications on other national conversations we are having:

…culture change is a work of legitimation and deligitimation, of naming one thing normal and right and its competition deviant, stupid, inferior, ridiculous, or just plain wrong… our frameworks for how we think and converse, and our perceptions of what normal reality should look like… Such naming is a form of power.

Whether it’s “marriage” or “unplanned pregnancy,” when we begin to move from traditionally accepted definitions, we cannot dialogue with one another in a diverse culture any longer. Those who write (or rewrite) the definitions are wielding societal power. The pen truly is mightier than the sword.

How to leave well (as a church staff member)

This article by Sutton Turner over on is a needed addition to the church employers handbook. Many times, church staff members do not leave “well.” Knowing how to use grace and discernment is imperative, even in situations where you’ve been the problem or when you’ve been wronged. There are still ways to exit gracefully. Which ones do you think are the most important? (There are 13 listed.)

5 Ways You’re Doing Twitter Wrong

If you’re new to Twitter or need a refresher, these quick five tips deal mainly for when you should use “@” and how you can use “#” more effectively.


You may have seen this amazing viral video, but if not, well, it’s amazing. This dude pours molten aluminum into a fire ant hill. The result: An amazing sculpture that weighs 17.9 lbs. and reaches a depth of 18 inches.

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  1. Josh Deng
    July 6, 2014 at 9:21 am
    All I could think of while watching that last video was, “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

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