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The movie that needs to happen.. about Daylight Saving Time

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The Stand and Greet time at church… taboo?

Does your church do a “stand and greet time?” Ours does. And then I read this article. We had a discussion about in our staff meeting time this week, and we were inconclusive. Our excuse for continuing? We think our church enjoys it… because we’re actually friendly. However, is that a conclusion that is delusional simply because we’re leaders of that church? I’d be really interested in your feedback here in the comments!

Here are the seven reasons from the article about why people don’t like it:

  1. Many guests are introverts.
  2. Some guests perceive that the members are not sincere during the time of greeting.
  3. Many guests don’t like the lack of hygiene that takes place during this time.
  4. Many times the members only greet other members.
  5. Both members and guests at some churches perceive the entire exercise is awkward.
  6. In some churches, the people in the congregation are told to say something silly to one another.
  7. Not only do some guests dread the stand and greet time, so do some members.

The iPhone cone

Do you need this?

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Why should you go to church?

Sandy Young, one of the elders at Blacksburg Christian Fellowship, posted this quote by C.S. Lewis on his blog about why Lewis got over himself and started attending church:

“I thought that I could do it on my own, by retiring to my rooms and reading theology, and I wouldn’t go to the churches. . . But as I went on I saw the great merit of it. I came up against different people of quite different outlooks and different education, and then gradually my conceit just began peeling off. I realized that the hymns (which were just sixth-rate music) were, nevertheless, being sung with devotion and benefit by an old saint in elastic-side boots in the opposite pew, and then you realize that you aren’t fit to clean those boots. It gets you out of your solitary conceit.” (C. S. Lewis)

He linked a more substantial article by Ed Stetzer at Christianity Today that is well worth reading about why you should go to church.

Tighten up your church announcement writing..

Here’s a quick, helpful article about making your church announcements more readable and understandable for an information-overloaded culture.

Nuff said.. for now.

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  1. Samantha Paul says:
    So, I’ll admit I haven’t read the article against greeting in church yet (I’m in line at the bank). However, I love that we have a greeting time. It gives me an opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and greet those that are new, or at least new to me. Granted, some days can be quite awkward, but some are so fruitful! For example, one morning I really wanted to catch up with the friend sitting beside me, but I noticed a woman standing alone. So, I chose to greet her. Turns out she has been going to our church for years, but doesn’t know many people. She tried getting involved, but felt a little intimidated and shy. But, I was able to connect with her, and after the service, introduce her to others in the church. She was so grateful, she even messaged me after church thanking me for my hospitality! And to think, I almost didn’t turn around… What a blessing from the Lord to be able to serve someone at our church.
    Another great example… My friend in Maryland (former roommate and nonbeliever when we lived together) went to church for the first time a few weeks back. She felt compelled to go, looking for hope and strength and peace. She invited her mother along as well (Also a nonbeliever). Well, they got in an intense argument before service, so she took it as a sign that church just wasn’t for her. She got up to leave, and as she walked away a woman from that church pulled her aside and asked to pray over her. Bawling from the previous fight with her mom, she accepted Christ right on the steps of the church! HOW INCREDIBLE! I realize that second story doesn’t completely fit, but I think greeting our guests is an essential way to reach new people and especially non-believer. I also believe members of a church have a responsibility to their church to step out of their comfort zone and welcome those that walk through their doors. That one Sunday might be the only time they ever experience church. We owe it to them to open our lives, hearts, and conversations to them, to let them experience what community is all about. We are called to serve the church. We are not given the right to BE served. As we serve others, we in turn are served and blessed by those around us. Church isn’t about receiving, but giving. And I think one of the best things we can give a guest (besides the Gospel) is hospitality and a warm welcome! Hope you enjoyed my short story! πŸ™‚
    1. Jeff says:
      Hey Sam! Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment. Not only did you bring up some great points, but it was also a polemic for strategic, loving intentionality at church. Love hearing both of those stories.

      I think the article had in mind some of the more stoic, traditional church greetings which seem forced and in authentic.

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