Nutt’s QB confusion…

I must refrain from all the Nutt-Dick jokes that come to mind as I write this entry. With Coach Houston Nutt demanding that Casey Dick start for the Razorbacks in the last four games, I just have to call it like I see it… nuts! After undefeated starts from the #1 QB recruit in the nation, Houston promptly benched Mitch Mustain in favor of Dick. Saying that he “saw something” in Dick’s play that wasn’t present with Mustain’s, Arkansas cruised to back-to-back victories over South Carolina, Tennessee, and Mississippi State.

For all those who think I’m crazy, I offer to you the real reasons for the last three wins: 2 Big D’s.

  • Darren McFadden
  • Defense

Plain and simple.

The quarterback position is a mystical, magical leadership role that inspires a team. Casey ain’t even got a wand. The Hogs’ loss to LSU was a dismal performance from under center, and yet Houston stuck with Dick the entire game. Earlier, he had said that he would go with “whoever got the job done.” Well, it tweren’t Dick.

The Razorbacks, I’ll certainly proclaim, have been a stellar team this year. Too bad they haven’t had a stellar coach. With profound talent on both sides of the ball, Nutt has found ways to NOT lose this year time and again. Saturday’s loss to LSU was not really an LSU victory. It was Nutt’s Christmas gift to the Tigers.

Let’s hope he goes to get a real job next year so that the Hogs can move on and move up.

By the way, I ain’t crazy.

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  1. Kevin Stokes says:
    Yes, I have to give it to you, Nutt messed up big time on Friday against the Tigers. 1st mistake : Not giving a scholorship to a kicker, so we are relying on a walk-on kicker to get the job done. That may fly in smaller conferences, but not one as big as the SEC. A true kicker is a must.
    2nd mistake : Not taking out Dick when it was obvious that he was having a bad day. Heck, I could’ve handed the ball over and over again to McFadden and Jones all day. His passes were dismal all day.
    3rd mistake ( and something that he has struggled with over and over again and doesn’t seem to learn the lesson) : I know they had used all of their timeouts, but, they had over 2 minutes to get the ball downfield. The #1 defense in the nation had surrendered not 1 but 2 one-hundred yard + rushers from the Razorback rushing attack. The passing was ineffective all day, yet we throw 4 hail mary’s to end the game. I was very disappointed. However, I am a Hog fan through the good and bad. I will vent about some bad coaching moves, but I will still remain on the bandwagon no matter what. Go Hogs Go !!!!!!!!
  2. Jeff says:
    What a difference one year makes! It was announced this morning that last night Nutt finalized a $9.5 million/5 year deal with fellow SEC West Division school Ole Miss to be their head football coach. Arkansas is also paying him $3.5 million as part of his contract negotiations?! This is retarded!

    Why a mediocre coach is walking away a millionaire is beyond me…

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