Oh no… covetousness (and just in time for Christmas)

Our church has been having an amazing experience with our Journey to Financial Freedom month. All our small groups are going through this material, and it’s been exciting and challenging to witness everyone’s enthusiasm at how to handle our money differently… wisely… generously.

And then this wild speculation came along…

Next iPod?

It’s just a photo rumor for the time being, but if it’s ever verified as being the real thing? Oh goodness, hide the wallet and slap your momma.

On this day...


  1. TJ says:
    **wiping the puddle of drool from desk**
  2. K.T. says:
    I would like to attend something like this….thought about revisiting it?
  3. Jeff says:
    Yes, we have! Stay tuned, KT!
  4. K.T. says:
    Awesome!Just let me know….;)

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