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Immeasurably more..

We are Amazed. Overwhelmed. Speechless. And thankful. The generous gifts, prayers and love has led to years of medical debt being paid off in less than a month!

Miracles in the mailbox

Often, we’d find money in our mailbox – literally. Sometimes it would have been mailed, and occasionally, there’d be an envelope with cash in it. On more than one occasion, it would be exactly what we needed. We began to call those heavenly gifts our “miracles in the mailbox.”

Nuff said: Cool air, on the wrong side of history, iPhone history, utilitarianism, Gmail helps, a heavenly visit?

The latest collection of “Nuff said” entries from around the net includes: a scientist from Little Rock on the Jimmy Fallon show demonstrating “Cool air,” the fallacy of the “wrong side of history” argument, a look back at the iPhone’s history, exploring the spiritual dangers of utilitarianism, a few Gmail helps, and debunking a heavenly visit.

A former paper boy

When was the last time you read reflections from a former paper boy? Jeff has had more issues than a… paper route. Here’s all the news that’s fit to print about his route with the Arkansas Democrat.

A little down: health update

The Noble’s received the results from Carolyn’s latest PET scan, and the recommendation is surgery. Catch up on the health saga learn what happens when a man swallows his pillow.


While we continue to be bewildered by the unconscionable decisions of our insurance company, we are not stopped. The generosity, support and encouragement of family, friends and neighbors has enabled us to proceed and simply pay for the PET scan out-of-pocket.

Finding time to read

Finding time to read in a culture that would rather capture your eyes through movies or TV is a upstream battle that can be exhausting. Many of convinced themselves that they “just don’t like to read.” I’d like to challenge that assumption as a cop-out and encourage you to make time to read.

Receiving grace and kindness.. The GiveForward campaign


A GiveForward campaign for medical expenses brings deep thanksgiving and humility.

Joke gone bad


Meet Ralph Ramsey, friend and practical joker. Learn why I got Carolyn a new computer bag for Christmas.

Remembering 2014


In Jeff’s traditional “looking back” post, he reflects on what made 2014 unique and surreal. From Montenegro to Pigeon Forge to New Mexico and back, the year was full of travel, tradition, triump and trials.

2014 Roundup: What was your favorite blog entry this year?


Here are 12 entries, one from each month of 2014, from “Notes from the Trail.” Hop on over and vote for the best blog entry of 2014.

Nuff said: #1 Bible translations, Cause of Divorce, Donald Miller spirituality, coffee mugs, trusted professions


As always, “Nuff said” is a collection of links and items of interest from across the net. They are usually random and include a conglomeration of tech, humor, relational, politics, and spiritual/religious. In this entry, you’ll read about the #1 cause of divorce, Bible translations, Donald Miller spirituality, a great coffee mug, and the latest, most trusted professions.

Christmas journey in pictures

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Feel free to leave comments. Your participation enriches the site!Picasa Web Albums – Jeff Noble – Christmas 2014

“Winter Snow” performance

This is the sixth year for our church to host December Nights. During the month of December, we move our morning services to the evenings, rent a vacant church building in downtown Christiansburg, and make much of Jesus. The move allows us to focus on a theme of “Rest. Reflect. Rejoice. Renew.” Adelyn had the opportunity to sing the song “Winter Snow” with the praise band, and this is a clip from it.

An early Christmas


Jeff and family celebrated Christmas early; here’s what a Noble Christmas looks like…

Merry Christmas from the Nobles 2014


Merry Christmas from the Nobles to you! Catch up with them in their annual Christmas letter.

Health update 2014

My wife has been fighting cancer and auto-immune health related issues for over 20 years. This is the latest in our ongoing medical journey. It’s also your invitation to join us in prayer.

Review: The Hole in Our Holiness

Jeff offers a brief review of Kevin DeYoung’s book “A Hole in Our Holiness.” The book should be added to your reading list for intentional spiritual growth.

Observations from Mark

This entry contains regular reflections from the gospel of Mark in the New Testament, and it collects quotes and observations from others about selected passages as I read through the gospel.

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