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Their Stories.. Guest Blogger Week-ish

Announcing a week of guest blogs here at in which the guests will be sharing about one experience that’s shaped who they are today.

The devil bed and the dream crusher

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! Feel free to leave comments. Your participation enriches the site!I had just picked Adelyn up from swim practice, and as usual, I tried to pass the time (aka asking questions to get her nose out of her phone). The…

Recommended: The Cove

A review of The Cove, the retreat site of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Training Center.

Old journals and new journeys

Reading old journals on a personal retreat provides confidence for paths ahead.

The Nelson connection

It’s a blessing and a little surreal to be able to serve in a church with an “old” friend. Welcome Neal Nelson to Northstar Church in Blacksburg, VA!

Photo: Waffle House with my minions

The kids and I grab a quick lunch before I head out for a personal retreat for a few days. Like this:Like Loading…

Cable boxes, tv tuners and pong

Today’s enthusiasm for new technological advances and devices is not greater than yesteryear’s. Consider three devices: the cable device, Pong and TV tuners.

Fret not

Is it time to hit the “impeach button?” Or is it a time to wait and support the President? This post examines the Bergdahl scandal in light of how one should respond with a Christian worldview to discontent with the administration.

Reflections on Montenegro

I’ve been back in the States for a few days now from a trip to Montenegro with friends. Carolyn and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on Friday by eating (for the first time) at the famed Palisades Restaurant. It was amazing. As we drove north into Giles County, Virginia, Carolyn was ooohing and aaahing…

Skadar Lake

Today our Montenegro group explored Skadar Lake outside of Podgorica. We hiked a little used trail outside of the small village Revica Crnojevica, discovering old stone walls in the surrounding forested mountains. Like this:Like Loading…

Montenegro necessity

A quick run around town before the trip this morning resulted in these treasures. Most importantly, the passport and banana chips. Like this:Like Loading…

Destination Durmitor

I just got permission from Jack Brauer to post one of his pictures of Zabljak with Mount Durmitor looming above. Jack is a mountain photographer based out of Colorado. You’ve got to visit his site and look at his stunning shots – and order a few – as a way of saying thanks. By the…

Next stop: Montenegro – Help needed

On Monday, I’ll be flying out with four friends from our church to meet with a great friend who has moved to Montenegro. Part of former Yugoslavia, Montenegro voted for independence in 2006, and has since been envisioning and building its future. This South European hidden gem is one of the most diverse countries in…

The myth of bad marriages in the church

Are Christian marriages crumbling? Not according to this research. In fact, I believe that a marriage that is intentionally and consistently centered on Christ has a stunningly low, if almost non-existent divorce rate.

Nuff said: Bad news believers, hashtag diplomacy, silver bullet of discipleship, single and satisfied?, kids sports, Kid President

Nuff said is a random collection of things I’ve noticed on the web. This entry features the manipulation of stats by Christian leaders, a political cartoon about hashtag diplomacy, discipleship, singleness, kids sports and impact on church attendance, and a reminder from Kid President.

I love moms or something

Brilliant. Just brilliant. This was done for Mother’s Day 2013 by Jordan Weston, Andrew Dale, Chris Munch and the kids of Church on the Move. Happy Mother’s Day! Like this:Like Loading…

Nuff said: Social media help, smart phones and dumb people, ministry to youth on social media

“Nuff said” is a collection of observations. This post highlights social media etiquette that may impact a job search, things that make you look dumb on Twitter, Gary Turk’s viral video “Look Up” and some ministry tips for youth workers on social media.

The exploitation of your mind

Reflections from a devotional by John Piper. Our minds are being exploited… by our hearts. John Piper says, “..our deepest desires precede the rational functioning of our minds and incline the mind to perceive and think in a way that will make the desires look right.”

Podcast: We Six Kings

A few observations from Sunday’s sermon. Dale Ralph Davis said in his commentary on 1 Kings, “Sin is never creative but merely imitative and repetitious. Maybe you can sin with flair but you can’t sin with freshness. You can only ape what’s already been done. “

Video: Let It Go, VT style

These two guys – Ian Savino and Taylor Terrill – never cease to surprise me. But this is over the top. Love their rendition of Let It Go, and so glad they’re a part of our church and active in the BCM at VT. Like this:Like Loading…

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