Easter timelapse


What happens when a church meets in the local high school for Easter service? Watch this time-lapse video that includes setup, worship and teardown.

The Easter Room

the easter room

It’s Easter, and you’re not a fan. The incredible stream of religious stuff flooding your life and apps this weekend bothers you. Can I tell you I understand? Yet, would you be willing to step into the “Easter Room” for a few moments and watch as a bystander what’s taking place?

Inner prayer


An inner prayer life is one that is self-consumed, with legitimate personal needs and issues. Growth in personal prayer happens when one progresses from predominantly inner prayer to a balance of outer prayer as well.

Prisoners’ letters to their younger selves

What is the result when a photographer asks prisoners to write a letter to their younger selves? The images in this project by Trent Bell are sobering and powerful.

Which image represents you on Facebook?

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 8.41.27 AM

Check out this series of images by Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski about our relationship to Facebook.

Moral Therapeutic Deism cartooned and lampooned


If you haven’t heard of Moral Therapeutic Deism, you will probably recognize it as a dominant religious philosophy in the West. In fact, some cling to it and claim it as Christianity, but it is a far cry from what the Bible teaches about faith.

Review: The Ishbane Conspiracy


This book review of Randy Alcorn’s demonic thriller “The Ishbane Conspiracy” helps one understand that a demon may not want to possess you but simply distract you from following Christ. It’s premise and the means used by the demon Ishbane are sobering.

Sermon in a slanket


When Northstar Church had to cancel their Sunday services due to snow, I may or may not have begun the sermon mini-series on “Deliverance” in a slanket.

Video: Snow day again…

Nashville realtor Adam Helton makes a perfect “snow day” video for parents of all ages…



The news from the biopsy is in… and we have an opportunity to cherish not good health but a good God.