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Not that any of you would be overly thrilled or care, but I’m now a Palm Addicts Associate Writer! Oooo. Aaaah. Don’t be impressed. I think they accept anyone who can type. Even folks from Warren.

However, before you scoff (I’ve always liked that word!), Palm Addicts is an awesome blog haven for those of you who might use Palm devices, whether Treo’s, Zire’s, etc. It’s got amazing tips, insights, and a wealth of resource links. So stop by Palm Addicts sometime!

Here’s my first post at Palm Addicts.

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  1. Jeff says:
    Rosie, Rosie,

    Thanks for the encouragement! And sorry for the jab at Warrenites. As I was reading your comment, I realized you might be the only person from Warren I know with a full set of teeth. KIDDING! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Rosie Slaughter says:
    I would just like to say, on behalf of all Warrenites, that we are highly intelligent people, and you will find that we are extremely capable of writing for any journal or magazine that we see fit, whether it be Today’s Hunter, Modern Redneck, or what have you….I’m just joking! I really enjoy your blog Jeff, keep up the good work and congrats on your new job!
  3. HillComanchy says:
    I have an old blackberry 8700c, I want to create a home screen icon that takes me directly to the SMS Inbox folder, or to a specific folder from my exchange mailbox, how do I do that?
    I found out that pressing alt with the wheel lets me move or delete an existing icon from the homescreen, but how do I add an entirely new one ?
    That’s what it look like:
  4. Jeff says:
    @Hill: I have no idea… I don’t have a Blackberry… and the post wasn’t about a Blackberry…? What possessed you to ask here? Maybe one of Notes readers will leave a response and help you.

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