Pandora… go ahead open it up…

Here’s my Pandora music station I’ve created…

On this day...


  1. Please tell me that was a joke!
  2. Jeff says:
    Just because you don’t like the Gatlin Brothers…

    No, it wasn’t a joke. Pandora is the coolest thing.

    AND, it just shows what an amazing variety of cultural music that I enjoy. If you want to continue listening to Bobo and the Boogar Pickers, go right ahead. As for me and my house, we choose “All the Gold in California…”

  3. phillip says:
    It only let me listen to 10 songs. So I didn’t get to the Gatlin Bros. I only heard not good country music. Nothing against country; only that country.
  4. Michael says:
    I love Bobo and the Boogar Pickers!

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