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Blogo225x50For those of you like me who have a growing and changing list of blogs that you like to check out regularly, I’d like to encourage you to check out BlogLines. Set yourself up an account there, and under the “My Feeds” section, start adding the blogs you like to read.

What you’ll get is a very nice interface, with your blogs on the left, and a window for reading them on the right. When one of your blogs has been updated, it becomes bold, and the number of new entries is shown out beside it. You just click on it, and you can read the entries in the window to the right… Very nice! Props to the folks at BlogLines for this nice interface.


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  1. RJ Martino says:
    Dilbert is the best blog anyone can have!

    I use bloglines. The only complaint I have is this: I can’t keep up with all of my blogs so their may be 40 unread entries. If I click on a blog (let’s say dilbert), it marks all 40 as being read. I cannot go through, one by one, and marke them as read or unread.

    Any help?

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