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I went and did it. I’ve designed a cool shirt for all you bloggers out there! Pass the word. It’s $10. Here’s what it looks like…

If you want to place an order, click the order below. Make sure you give me your shipping ($3 extra) and your shirt size. Shirts will be ready by the first of next week and will ship out immediately!

The “Read My Blog” shirt was referenced by Sillcyrystal on April 14, 2006.

4/23/06 – Shirts are not currently available, but if you want to order one, let me know, and when I get 50 orders, I’ll have have them run. I will email you when you need to pay. Just drop me a comment if you want one…

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  1. Jeff Noble says:
    No need for shipping for locals!
  2. Brandi says:
    Dude! Do those of us who will see you need to order online and pay shipping or can we just get them from you? I would like to have one in medium.

    You are soooooo industrious (it took me 10 minutes and 2 changes to write that word and I still not sure if its right!)

  3. suzanne says:
    now, see, my husband says he’ll take the $10 one, but ask him who’ll be wearing the shirt. i want the $22 one, but now it’s too late. shoots. i guess i’ll just submit to my hubby. again. joyfully. πŸ˜‰
  4. amy Darcey says:
    Sell’em on ebay.
  5. jim says:
    Jeff, I think I set myself up on blogtree. Thanks for your help. Thanks to you and Pearl both for getting me blogging. I wish i could have listed both of you guys as my parent blog.
  6. Matt Parker says:
    On a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being $10 and 10 being $22 … I think the version you’ve got will be fine.
  7. Jeff Noble says:
    Mike… do it! And personalizing the shirts can be done… but it will be almost $12 more bucks!
  8. Kristy Hales says:
    Have you thought about onesies for the babies that say, “read my Mommy’s blog!” ? just kidding, but I may do it myself!

    maybe Mike will spot me a 10 from the misc. envelope !!!

  9. suzanne says:
    I want my blog name on the back of mine in the same cool type. yep.

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